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Why are my hands so wrinkly

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Old age, a diet low in fat, dehydration, and sun damage can all cause hands to become wrinkly. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-my-hands-so-wrinkly ]
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Why are my hands getting so wrinkly and starting to hurt in the s...?
mm i'm not sure but this is what i know (i dunno the cause of it) do NOT use hot water when taking a shower, washing your face, or washing your hands. warm water during shower is exceptional since taking a cold shower would make you catch a...
Why do my hands get so wrinkly after such a short time in water??
its due to weakness no vitamins in ur body
Why is my skin on my hands so wrinkly? it looks like a 40+ year o...?
ya i hear situations like yours more frequently, my sister who is 21 looked kind of like an old women, i guess her personal trainer or the person who owns the gym or something like that suggested this pill (not a scary pill but a pill made ...

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When we stay in the bath too long, why do only our hands get wrinkly? Why not the rest of our body?
Q: I can understand why our hands and sometimes feet get wrinkly after being in water too long, but why doesn't the rest of our skin, on our arms and legs and chest for example, get wrinkly as well?
A: I've thought about that question myself not so long ago so I did a little research. From what I found out there is an oil on our skin called sebum which is responsible for waterproofing our skin. When our bodies, specifically our phlangies (fingers and toes) are in water for too long the sebum is washed away and our skin starts to absorb the water. When our skin starts to absorb water the deep tissue in our palms and heels begins to swell but the tougher skin in that area withstands the swelling of the tissue and remains taunt but the skin of the fingers and toes which is not so firmly attached to the deep tissue wrinkles.
Why are our hands so wrinkly after being exposed in the water for a long time??
Q: Like you know after going in for a bubblebath or being in the pool for too long, our hands get paler and wrinkly like raisins. or old people. lol.
A: Buy staying in water for a long time you wash away the sebum (oil found on your skin that keeps it water proof). Then, the water can penetrate the outer layer of your skin. This causes your skin to become waterlogged.
Why do our hands and feet go wrinkly?
Q: in water, when the rest of the body doesn't?I hate it when I'm in the shower and my hands go wrinkly :( I hate the feeling of touching the towel with wrinkly fingers. it's eeeww.
A: Ugh, I hate it too. I take really long showers, like ten to half an hour. And when I get out, I usually have such wrinkly hands! I can't even pick anything up. I hate the feel of it.Even though you can't see it, your skin is covered with its own special oil called sebum. Sebum is found on the outermost layer of skin. Sebum moistens, or lubricates, and protects your skin. It also makes your skin a bit waterproof. That's why water runs off your skin when you wash your hands, instead of soaking it in like a sponge would.But staying in water for a long time washes away the sebum. Then, the water can penetrate the outer layer of your skin. This causes your skin to become waterlogged, and leads to wrinkles.Some people think it's because the skin expands to allow extra water inside. The expanded skin ends up looking really wrinkly. Other people think that it's because the skin is tied down to the tissue underneath in certain places. So when the skin is full of water, it swells up (gets puffy), but only in places where it is not tied down, which makes it look wrinkly.

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