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Why are my glands in my throat swollen

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The lymph glands near to an infection swell quickly and become tender as the immune system 'fights off' infecting germs MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-my-glands-in-my-throat-swollen ]
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Swollen glands, sore throat and burning tounge! What could it be??
Well, if you are so terrified, why you don’t go to doctor? It can be some really simple disease but you never know what can be wrong. Doctor will advise you better then anybody else. It looks like an infection to me. Then you just need to ...
What causes white spots on tonsils and throat and swollen glands??
I currently have the same symptoms. I went to the doctor and she said it was just an inflammation/infection of the throat and prescribed me Amoxicillin. I currently have the same symptoms. I went to the doctor and she said it was just an in...
Can you feel swollen glands in throat?
You can feel swollen glands in your neck, but there should be some discomfort when you have them. You should probably have this checked out by your family physician.

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what is the best way to get rid of a sore throat and swollen glands other than salt water?
Q: Hi, i know this may seem like a common question but i am looking for a good answer, I have been sick for a month now and this cold just keeps going from one thing to another, Now i have swollen glands and my tonsels are swollen, my throat is severely sore and i have tried salt water, i am on antibotics currently and have been on 2 others since i got this cold, So my question is does anyone have a really good remedy for a sore throat?? I really would like something that would work cause i am leaving tommorow to go away with my fiance for my birthday and would like to feel a little bit better.. Like i said im looking for something homeade that works great, not something you buy at the store... thanks everyone.
A: You sound like i was sick about a couple months ago. There are teas that are out three called Traditional Medicines. each one of them are carefully made to each problem. I would suggest you get cold care, sore throat and could others.. don't take them all at once.I know your going to ask this so.. Yes, there gross but they work but if you put honey in them there not as bad, but you should be better in about a week. I would just make sure you read the ingrediants. They are all natural but just incase you are allergic to something. I would make sure you read the contents of the package of the teasThe are not in the with the regular teas. You will find them with the natural health food section.
What's the best thing to do for a sore throat/swollen glands?
Q: I woke up this morning and my whole body was just sore. My eyes hurt, and I have an ear ache. It's like a cold, but it's weird because I don't have a stuffed nose or anything. What's the best thing I could do, besides medicine?
A: Sore throats are a common reason that people visit their doctors, but many of those visits aren't necessary. Most sore throats go away on their own in about a week. Only a small percentage may require medical care. Eat betel leaves with liquorice (mulathi) twice or thrice a day. It serves as an excellent home remedy for sore throat. Make fenugreek tea and gargle with it. In 6 cups of water, add 2 tbsp fenugreek leaves. Gargle with it 3-4 times in a day. Take 1-2 cloves of garlic and 2-3 cloves and make a paste. Mix with 1 cup of honey. Drink 1 tsp about 3 times in a day. In 1 cup of warm milk, add a pinch of turmeric powder. Drink the milk before going to bed. Take 1 whole onion and boil it with some water. Thereafter, mash it and add some butter, salt and pepper to it. Now eat this mixture.
Swollen throat glands but no pain or cold?
Q: My, I guess lymph nodes on the sides of my neck , are a tad swollen, but I feel no pain in them or pain swallowing, or any symptoms of the sort. Why is this happening?
A: heart valve problem

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