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Why are my feet purple

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Cold extremities occur when blood vessels are constricted or slightly obstructed. This may be due to increased connectiv MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-my-feet-purple ]
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My feet are purple, sweaty and cold and sometimes feel real hot. ...?
It sounds like you may have poor circulation. I would contact your doctor.
Why are my feet turning purple?
You still could have a circulation problem. Tingling, changing from nice pink to purple and stuff is not good, I would get it looked at. It's possible that you could have a blood clot somewhere or just poor circulation, I know you're young ...
Why are my babies feet purple?
It is a lack of circulation, and thats why the feet are cold at times and they can be cold even when they are pink, rub his feet and ankles often, even when not purple and mention this to the Ped. even though he has feeling and is a happy s...

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Why do my feet turn purple and cold when i cross my legs?
Q: When i am just sitting down with my legs crossed my feet turn purple and really cold. When I go out in the sun in the summer time and walk around the track, my legs have red blotches all over them and my feet are blood red. It is really embarassing. What could it be?
A: HI ANgelNo matter what the issue is you need better circulation. Your feet needs circulation to generate new blood cells, so it can heal the issue.Any type of issue can be reversed if you get enough blood circulation in the damaged area of the body. THe key is to get new blood cells into the skin. Here are 5 methods that I would use.1. Hydrotherapy = a powerful method using hot and cold water to move new blood cells into the area. The most effective way to move the blood and create circulation ) Once daily, you must do a complete hot and cold shower. You will start with hot water for 1 minute, then cold for 1 minute. Re-peat this 7 times so the shower should last about 15 minutes. Another time, daily, you can do a complete hot and cold shower routine again or a partial one just applying the water directly to the affected area. Make sure while you are doing both hot and cold showers that you pay special attention to the affected area and massage it vigorously. If the shower is impossible then use Hot packs and Ice packs. 2. Be sure to drink a gallon of water a day to help purify the blood.3. Herbs = cayenne peppers and ginger (expecially for hands and feet) move the blood flow like no other herbs or food. Also use herbs to do a colon cleanse to help clear the toxins out of the blood4. Exercise and yoga will help circulation as well.5. Also, do a colon cleanse to clean out excess waste and toxins in the blood.Best of health to you
Why are my hands and feet incredibly purple?
Q: Ive heard of Raynaud's disease and the related stuff. But they say that the hands and feet go white then blue then red. Mine are just purple. When i put them down they go DEEP purple, and so do my feet. And then when i put them up they go neutral. And sometimes i lose feeling... And sometimes they get pinky or orangey blotches on them. I dont mind... But sometimes its embarassing for a 14 year old girl.
A: you might get it because of poor circulation or as a result of cold temperatures.
Why does this 6 month old baby feet go purple?
Q: I look after a little girl who is 6 months old. Ive noticed that her feet go purple alot and if we massaged it it goes back to normal.Is this normal, and why does it happen. I know it happens in newborn but shes 6 months now.I do, but socks dont stay on babys much lolThanks for help
A: It can happen up to a year as her circulatory system learns to regulate itself. All you can do is make sure they're warm enough.

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