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Why am i so clumsy

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General clumsiness is probably related to a weaker kinesthetic sense. Some people are just born with good kinesthetic sense! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-am-i-so-clumsy ]
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Why am I so clumsy?
everyone's clumsy. no one can be perfect.
How to stop being so CLUMSY?
As a fellow klutz that's got the scars to prove it, I can sympathize with your dilemma. My first recommendation is to get a full physical. Do you suffer frequent ear infections? Maybe your equilibrium is off. Have you had your eyes tes...
Should I be worried that my toddler is so clumsy?
More often than not, toddler clumsiness is not a clinical condition, and not a cause for concern. Your child may be clumsy simply because she's trying to master so many new physical skills at once. The more active she is, the more likely sh...

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Why am I getting lightheaded-not dizzy-and clumsy during my workout?
Q: I walk 5 days/week,since March.(Found out I'm borderline diabetic.)Now, while walking, I get goose bumps & a slight chill. The chill fades quickly & a sensation occurs- the top of my head, top of the ears up, is light & lifting off my head. I then get off balance & am unable to walk straight or without stumbling. This "lightheadedness" may last from a minute or two, to the rest of the walk. I find it very disconcerting/odd. It throws off my workout. I have almost fallen dozens of times. The same thing happened a few years ago when I ran. So I stopped.I am not out of shape. Also, my blood sugar is great. I checked my blood pressure-normal. Had a stress test done before I started; my heart is normal as well. Thought it might be my ipod buds shorting out & shocking me. Walked without them & still had the same problem. I am at a loss. Does anyone know why this could be happening?(I used to be an avid runner; 5-10 miles, 5 days/week. This is not a "runner's high".)Any ideas?I have been stopping to breathe deeply, or breathing deeply while continuing. It has no affect. I vary my times from 12pm to 7 pm, so no correlation. I also eat breakfast ,lunch, dinner or a small snack before I head out-depends on the time. The hydration...I don't know. Some times I drink, some times I don't.The kicker is, I used to coach long distance HS track. I am not a novice. This is why I am so boggled.Also, I'm not on diabetic meds. I am controlling with my walking, losing weight, and eating following the ADA guidelines. Am I really going to have to go back to a doctor? Dear God, I feel like a damn pin cushion already! If they take anymore blood, I will require a transfusion.
A: I'm certainly not a doctor, but I think you really should talk to yours. This sounds like it could be from any number of things, not eating enough, not getting enough fluids in your system, or even the diabetes itself. To be on the safe side, you need to tell your doctor what's going on so he or she can help you figure out what's causing these issues. Also, I'd say be careful while you workout. If you start to feel dizzy or anything take it easy. Stop the workout, rest, do something else. Maybe try a stationary bike for a while.
Why am I such a sh**bird? I try hard no to be nasty and clumsy but keep on failing.?
A: Being "nasty" generally means there are self-esteem issues underlying the issues. Being clumsy is a normal part of life--we ALL go through phases of it throughout life, especially in the adolescent years (teens to early 20s). So don't be so hard on yourself... just TRY a little more. Effort is a great thing! And it does help. If the clumsies really get to you, try taking a dance class or a martial arts course. Working in something that gets you really KNOWING your body will help you know your spacial relationships to the world around you and help you be less clumsy over all. Good luck and I hope this helps!
Why am I so clumsy lately?
Q: Hey. I was just wondering about people's experiences. I am 18 weeks pregnant, and lately I have become extremely clumsy and forgetful. I keep forgetting some things that I normally wouldn't do, and I also am so clumsy its not even funny. Today alone, I burnt myself twice, and cut myself. I feel like Im so stupid, I should know better. lol Does this happen to alot of women during pregnancy? Thanks.
A: as for the forgetting bit that is the fog of pregnancy i am 18 weeks as well and i always carry a jotter with me. the clumsyness is caused by hormones and they are shifting your balance i had it before but it has stopped. its normal it will go off later on in your pregnancy. good luck

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