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Why am I sneezing so much

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Pollen, dust mites, mold ,pet hair, and smog can cause sneeze attacks. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-am-i-sneezing-so-much ]
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It could be allergens in the air, your furniture or your carpet (if you have carpet). Maybe you have seasonal allergies. People can develop allergies at any point in their life. You can get an air purifier which you can purchase at Brooksto...
People have a lot of things in their blood to do a lot of work in 10 body systems. One thing we have are histamines. They respond to allergens, pollutions, infection, drug reactions. When our histamine levels go up, we start sneezing, itchy...
Hayfever isn't just caused by grass pollens; it can be triggered by tree pollens, which cause problems in the early spring, and also by mould spores, which occur in the autumn. As the latter part of the summer especially was so wet, there a...

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Why am I sneezing so much?
Q: I was sneezing alot last month throughout the entire day. Then for a week or 2 my sneezing stopped, it still occured but it not as persistent. However during the last few days, the weather has gotten hotter where I live and now I'm sneezing more again. Does anyone know why?
A: In addition to various type of pollen cycles (i.e. it was "tree" season, then "ragweed" season, so you could be allergic to different pollen cycles and not others) you could be getting irritated by the warm weather. Some people are more sensitive to weather change than others and this could affect you in addition or excluding allergies.
Why is my cat sneezing so much after receiving his rabies and temperment shots?
Q: My cat is 2 and a half years old and he got his renewal shots on Tuesday. Since then he has been sneezing quite a bit. Last night he really sneezed. The woman at the clinic warned us about this saying if he sneezes alot it coudl be a upper respiratory infection. Why would shots give him an infection? Did they do something wrong? Should i take him to the vet? What will they do to help him?
A: Probably it's a reaction to the shot , since it's only Wednesday give it a couple of days to clear out , if by next week the cat continue to sneeze call the Vet. Also pay attention if you have been using some new product around the house like perfume, deodorant, candles, bleach etc... this can also have an effect on pets causing them to sneeze.
Why is my kitten sneezing so much?
Q: I've been a bit concerned to my new 6 week-old kitten, so he hasn't been neutered or treated much, and he has been sneezing excessively. Every couple minutes he manages to sneeze again and again and it's starting to concern my dad and I. We believe he's coming down with some sort of cold or flu. If so, any suggestions or tips for a kitten with a flu or to what's really going on?
A: Oh goodness! Please take your kitten to the vet just to be safe. There are prolly many reasons a kitten gets sick, but I've experienced this symptom before. I had a cat named Kipper for about a year. It started coughing and sneezing excessively around the age of 7-8 months, then it died around its first birthday from a lung problem. This was such a shock and was so devastating, i don't want this to happen to you, please take it to the vet.

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