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Why am I always so thirsty

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Some common causes for extreme thirst: * Water and salt loss. This may be from sweating, diarrhea, * Certain medications. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-am-i-always-so-thirsty ]
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Why am i always so thirsty?
While being thirsty could be a sign of diabetes, I think it's much more likely that it's just because you're active. What are you drinking? Water, soda, juice? Soda and milk don't hydrate you and can leave you feeling thirstier (some sa...
Is there a reason why I am always so thirsty at night?
Violet, I do think that you should see your doctor as soon as possible so that you can eliminate the possibility of it being diabetes. However, I want to alert you to some things that could be making it worst. Try switching your household c...
Why do I always get so thirsty after eating chinese food??
I've never had Chinese food, but I'm guessing it's probably really salty. Anything with alot of salt will make you thirsty.

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Why am I always super thirsty, even after I drink a bunch of water?
Q: Ok so I dont have diabetes, high blood pressure, any STD's or a Thyroid problem. I know because I got tested for all this stuff just recently. I am ALWAYS very thirsty, like I dont understand why. Does anyone know why? I mean granted I dont drink as much water as I probably should, but even when I drink a lot of water I find that I'm still thirsty.
A: Mention a condition to your doctor called 'psychogenic polydipsia'. Look it up on the internet if you must.If they have run all possible tests (including kidney/adrenal gland/pituitary gland perhaps?), then your doctor will probably conclude this anyway.Just considering the salt issue mentioned above. One of the first things a doctor will do when somebody comes in with your symptoms, along with testing your blood glucose is a U/E test (Urea and elctrolytes). So I'm sure if it was too much salt (resulting in hypernatermia) in your diet, that would have already been determined and mentioned by your doctor.
Why am i always thirsty everytime i have KFC?
Q: They dont salt the chips anymore,is it the chicken?i always have the strips meal but even though i have pepsi with my meal,it doesnt quench my thirst. I have been thirsty ever since i got back home!
A: the bread they coat the chicken in is FULL of salt, along with all the rest of the food. even if they don't salt the chips, watever they make the chips with, has salt in it. The salt just makes you thirsty
Why i am always thirsty when i eat food that contains salt?
Q: I am a 10 year old, and i don't have diabetes. Why is this happening?
A: Salt does it to everyone. Salt retains water, so it steals yours, making you thirsty. Try to lessen your salt intake and you won't be so thirsty. Best to make mention of it to your doctor, though, and they'll explain everything.

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