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Which hepatitis is the worst? A, be, or C

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Hepatitis C is the worst. Patients with chronic hepatitis C infection are at risk for developing cirrhosis, liver failure, More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/which-hepatitis-is-the-worst%3F-a%2C-be%2C-or-c ]
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Is hepatitis A B or C the worst?
Of the three, Type C is the worst. There is also type D, E and G. See the related link for more information.
Which hepatitis virus is worst a,b or c?
C is the worst. They actually call it a "silent killer," because people don't usually know they have it unless they specifially get a test for it.
Are there things that can make hepatitis C worse or make symptoms...?
If someone has hepatitis C, there are several things that can increase the likelihood that the virus will cause liver damage.

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Having the worst genotype of Hepatitis C, i have the option to get a new liver with a different genotype?
Q: i have hep C, the worst genotype, my doctor has asked me if i would consider recieving a new liver with a hep C but with a different genotype. what should i do?
A: I had a liver transplant, but I don't have hep C. Mine was from a biliary disease. Everyone that needs a transplant has to do some soul searching as to whether or not to get a transplant ASAP or wait awhile. I think a lot depends on how sick you are as to whether or not you would want to accept a compromised liver. I had mine done ASAP because I was afraid that if I waited around, I would get too sick to remain listed or that no liver would be available when I really needed it, when I was at deaths door so to speak. But I did tell myself that I would only accept a healthy liver as long as I was not too sick. I would have accepted a compromised liver if forced to do so such as nothing else was available and I was going to die in a very short period of time.This is something that you will have to decide for yourself. It's too bad there are not enough organs to go around so everyone can get a healthy liver, but not enough people donate and this is the only option for some. I waited 18 months on the list for mine. When I was diagnosed, they told me my liver was only functioning at 10%. I was sick, but not like a lot of people that are really sick.
which one is the "bad" hepatitis? Is it "B" or "C"?
Q: Mother was just diagnosed with Hepatitis C and we are not sure if that is the worst one or if it is "B". Not getting alot of straight answers from the internet.
A: Hepatitis C is more serious than Hepatits B. Hope that the doctors are able to help.
Which form of Hepatitis is the worst?
Q: I know there are different forms of Hepatitis (A,B,C, etc.). I am wondering which form is considered to be the worst strand of the virus. I have a cousin that has Hepatitis C from sharing needles. Is there any form that can be transmitted through saliva? Thanks for any feedback on this question. *D*
A: Hep C is the worst. There is no vaccine for it and also no cure. Hep A and B will often clear up on their own, although Hep B in some cases will require treatment. Hep B can be transmitted through bodily fluids, sex, tattoos, piercings, sharing needles..etc. Hep A can be transmitted through contaminated food or water, feces, eating raw or partially cooked shell fish. Food workers often pass this type of Hep.Hep C can be treated with interferon and ribivarin, but it only brings down the viral load and helps heal the liver. It does not cure it.

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