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When is a burn third degree

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A third-degree burn is referred to as a full thickness burn. This type of burn destroys the outer layer of skin (epidermis) MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-is-a-burn-third-degree ]
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What is a third-degree burn?
A third-degree burn is referred to as a full thickness burn. This type of burn destroys the outer layer of skin (epidermis) and the entire layer beneath (or dermis).
How to Treat a Third Degree Burn
・ 1 Stop the burning process. If the person is on fire, put them out as quickly as possible. If there is... ・ 2 Avoid contacting the afflicted area with any non-sanitary materials. The burn should be treated just... ・ 3 Pour cool water over...
What to do about a third degree burn?
Get medical attention N O W. Third degree is the worst category of burns, where flesh has been badly damaged. Third degree burns need medical attention, not home care.

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Would it be bad if I went swimming in a pool when I have a second/third degree burn on my knee?
Q: Around 5 days ago I got boiling tea water spilled on my knee, leaving second and third degree burns. It is almost done bubbling and most of them have popped, but the skin is kind of raw. I'm on the swim team for my school and I've already missed a week of practice plus a meet, and I'm curious whether anybody knows if it would okay if I swam in chlorine with this week.
A: You do not have a third degree burn--that's charring almost & into bone. You probably have a bad blister (which is a second degree). I would probably wait until the raw blister base has begun to scab & heal over--it will only take a few days for this to happen. Then coat it well in say polysporin which will help it be sorta water proof & less painful.
What is the best stuff to put on a bad third degree burn on the leg to heal it faster?
Q: This is a big third degree burn not a small one! Thanks for your answers all sugestions are helpful!
A: Aloe Vera. The gel from the plant. Pull a leaf off the plant, split it open and apply the gel directly to the burn. Do this several times a day.A few years ago my husband got a pretty big 2nd degree burn on the back of his leg, and didn't want to go to the doctor immediately. I put aloe vera gel on it, and it helped a lot. When I finally got him to go to the doctor with it, they told him the aloe vera had been a very good thing to do.But, you do need to have medical treatment. The dead skin on top of that burn can cause a major infection.
Can a small third degree burn be dangerous to your health?
Q: I burned my left ringer finger just above my knuckle on an element in my stove (I know, smart right?). I know for a fact that it's third degree because it blistered something terrible and now that the blister has popped, it looks like there's a chunk missing from my finger and you can see another layer of skin in the middle of the burn (the whole area is a very bright red) and it's still quite painful. I was just wondering if a small burn can cause health problems? I know large ones (such as from fires) can cause a lot of problems, but I never really thought about the smaller ones until I got burned. Any thoughts? Thanks!
A: Actually from your description I know for a fact that its a second degree burn (partial thickness) not a 3rd degree (full thickness). Characteristics of 2nd degree burns are blisters, redness, painful. Characteristics of 3rd degree burns are white or black tissue, can see underlying tissue such as muscle or bone. All you need to do for this burn is to keep it covered with a sterile dressing (gauze) and wrap that with tape to keep it on. Change the gauze frequently. Small 2nd degree burns are not a medical emergency. As long as it doesn't get infected you can treat it on your own.

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