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What would make your left side hurt

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It could be your diaphragm or gas. It could be your pancreas or a hernia. Check with a doctor for a complete exam for sure. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-would-make-your-left-side-hurt ]
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Let me ask you a question ... which ear do you use most when you're talking on your cell phone? The reason I ask is that I had something very similar to what you are describing for about a year or so. Then I read an article about the rad...
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what can make you hurt on lower left side?
Q: what can make your lower left side hurt and make you have diaherra and chills some?
A: you need to see a doctor...there are many things this could be. While it is possible for it to be viral, only a doctor can say for sure. Any time you have abdomen pain, fever, chills, and diarrhea or constipation at the same time, a doctors visit is in order. Good Luck
Why does your lower left side hurt accompanied with back cramps?
A: because I am fat
Why does my teeth on the left side hurt whenever I eat chocolate?
Q: My teeth on the left side hurts every time I eat chocolate. They are okay when I eat other food but when I eat chocolate, they start hurting real bad. Why does it keep doing that?
A: It could be the sugar. Sometimes teeth are sensitive to heat/cold or sweet foods. My front bottom teeth were sensitive to cold and sometimes sugar a few years ago. Had them deep cleaned at the dentist and no more problems. Regular flossing keeps them feeling great.

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