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What should you do if you have a 100 degree fever

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If you have a high fever, 104 degrees Fahrenheit or more, see a doctor as soon as possible. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-you-do-if-you-have-a-100-degree-fever ]
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What to do for an adult with over 100 degree fever?
I imagine it's the same for anyone. Try to cool their temperature. Be sure they are staying hydrated, too. Bring down their temp by sticking something cold under their armpit, perhaps a cool sponge bath. Webmd.com is a great resource.
Is it okay to go to school with a 100 degree fever?
No. But it is okay to go see your local doctor.
Can 100 degree fever for over a month cause damage to the body??
"A fever like that indicates that some some immune response has been triggered." You are right to be worried. Your husband needs to be given a thorough evaluation. His respiratory system needs to be checked out. Start with an appo...

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Should I breastfeed with a 100.9 degree fever?
Q: I have a 2 month old and have a 100.9 degree fever, is it safe to still breastfeed?
A: I breastfed my then 3 month old daughter when i had a 102 degree fever last month...I had an awful flu, and she never got sick. If you breastfeed, keep it up even if you are sick! Your daughter is already exposed to whatever you have...and at least with your breastmilk, she gets antibodies against it. You would be actually endangering her more to stop breastfeeding!
My 6month old baby has a ear infection and a 100 degree fever for 3 days.W hat should I be looking out for?
A: Get your baby to a doctor now. Fever may be dangerous for baby. Some time baby can develop fible fit when they are having fever and if fible fit is not proper manage, it is dangerous for baby. Treat your baby's ear infection right now.
100 degree fever. what can I do to help me feel better and pass the time?
Q: I'm almost positive that I have a sinus infection. and tomorrow's my birthday! are there any natural remedies that will help me feel better and avoid going to the doctor's for medication on my birthday?I'm going to take a motrin in a minute.
A: Drink hot tea or even iced tea whatever you like but the more liquids the better. I also take a night time cold medicine to sleep.

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