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What should i do if my stomach hurts really bad

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For aches, try filling a sock with some white rice and then heat in the microwave for a couple minutes. Apply to heat pack to area [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-i-do-if-my-stomach-hurts-really-bad ]
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How do u make the perfect homeade soup when ur stomach hurts real...?
Make it the same way as if your stomach didnt hurt. Since you already decided to make the soup, it doesnt much matter that your stomach hurts, now does it? Now, as far as what kind of soup to make... Ive heard that chicken noodle soup is...
What do you take if your stomach hurts really bad??
My grandma always had me eat peppermint, or drink extract. I use rolaids or tums.
When I Have Sex, My Stomach Hurts Really Bad, Could I Be Pregnant...?
You might want to take a pregnancy test if you already haven't or maybe just see a doctor just in case.

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I just threw up and my stomach hurts really bad what should I do to feel better?
Q: I can't sleep because it hurts really bad. I have been sick since monday and I just threw up and my stomach hurts extremely bad. is there anything I can do to feel better because it really hurts? And are crackers a really good thing to eat after you throw up?
A: If you have suppositories, try those, they will help. If not, maybe try some Pepto to coat the stomach. Probabkly just a stomach flu, just have to let it run its course.
My stomach hurts really bad, What should I do?
Q: It's the time of the month and it hurts really bad, more then it usually has in the past. I took a pamprin but so far I don't see the difference. Do you think a hot tummy pad thing would help? What else should I do? Are their any tricks or remedies or anything that will help?Thanks
A: Dont worry Hunny!! Look At It as a Good Thing! You Can Have Kids ! (: lolOkay, You Could Have a Hot Bath with Some Lovely Bubble Bath! (: , Drink Hot Chocolate, Ice Cream, Hot Water Bottle, Do some Very Gentle Exercise, Rub Your Tummy In Circular Montions, Pull Your Legs Up To Your Stomach (so Your in A ball Like shape) Good Luck Hunni, If It gets Really Bad, Talk To Your Mum and You Coukd go to a deoctor, see if she could give you something to make it less painful, oh yeah and take a painkiller (paracetamol or panadol)Much Luck xxxPlease awnser Mine http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AtS1GnwvrL47zqEsPRmrACZBCAx.;_ylv=3?qid=20080817073139AAqLjC7
I just took advil and my stomach hurts really bad what should i do?
Q: i took it yestraday i took 2 but i took them each 4 hours apart and then i took one today and now my stomach hurts really bad plzz help.thank you but i already know what happened stop answering me thank you
A: you should only take them with food.If you have a gastric problem maybe you need to try tylenol for your pain needs...don't want to go eatin' a hole in your stomach lining with advil

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