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What natural things can make you hallucinate

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Hallucinations are sensations that are not real. Any of the senses can be involved. Sleep deprivation and stress can bring it on. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-natural-things-can-make-you-hallucinate ]
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Will 1 Teaspoon of Nutmeg make you hullucinate?
Q: Im 14 and i dont really want to try it.. Im just wondering if its true? and what other things that are natural and legal will make u hallucinate?
A: A teaspoon may be too low a dose, but it is true that nutmeg is psychoactive. It's not a very pleasurable high.
Mental health problem - what could it be?
Q: For aslong as i can remember i was always sad and unhappy with life. My first childhood memory i have was when i was around 3 when i was looking out my window wishing i could fly into the skies and have a better life. All my childhood memories are based on rejection, abandonment and basic neglect. My parents and grandparents neglected me as a child and hardly ever spoke to me as they were too busy with my brother. I have felt suicidal feelings when i was 9 and even started self harming then by punching myself in the gut and sometimes just cried myself to sleep. School dragged me down.. aswell as isolation. You see when i was 8-10 i tried grabbing my parents attension but it never worked and i grew to learn to just stay in my room and i do that even now at 15. I hate being in company with my parents or anyone i am related too i just can't stand being in the same room for a long period of time. I have hallucinations alot, suicidal feelings all the time its just natural for me to feel suicidal and that suicide is the answer to all my problems. I personally feel my life was built on the fact that i should commit suicide I never had any friends when i was little and at my first school i was isolated from everyone else. I was bullied and laughed on by others aswell as this my teachers at my first primary school either ignored me or insulted me. In my reception class one of my teachers loved to insult me in how stupid i was. And on my final class a there at age 7 my teacher confused me with another girl called molly and didnt talk to me at all. Now at my second primary school i didnt really have friends like i did but i dont know i didnt like them. I was bullied there aswell.. of course i told people but nothing was done. When i moved secondary school i made friends for the first time i felt happy... yet they backstabbed me and we fell apart into bitter enemies. Which led me into suicidal thoughts yet again and into serious self harm. I made another group of friends but they left me at 14 because they ditched me for another person *sigh*. I made another set of friends and yeah i dont really like them much they are just there so i am not alone. I have attempted suicide probably over 100 times probably just for the thrill of it and the hope of success. I have taken serious overdoses which include a mixture of 60 pills and 110 asprin tablets. Aswell as suffocation, drowning, hanging and so forth. I honestly wish i was just dead... This girl i fell in love with her and she basically played me and turned round in my face saying she never loved me yet it seemed like she did so much. I truely loved her... And now she doesn't want to know me and never tried to help me when i cried out for her to help me through the break up *heh, this isnt my first relationship and i can understand why not but still...* My mood meh it varies from Sadness to Happiness to Anger to Paranioa, to Suicidal. I think about suicide everyday its always on my mind its just turned natural. I hallucinate even before and after i sleep lol it isnt just by waking up or going to bed i hallucinate. I can be paraniod at times especially with 'friends' and my thoughts. I believe people can hear and see my thoughts and know what i am thinking. And that even when i'm in a lone room i still feel people are watching me. I am always on alert and hate people touching my neck >_> I always hate counsellors and people that try and dig into your problems. I personally believe i have avoidant personality disorder and i honestly hate talking to counsellors and that about my problems. Its like you tell them something and they promise they won't tell anyone and yet they go off and do it anyway. Always breaking their problems and so forth. They never really listen and just twist things and all the people i've seen in 3 years trying to diagnose me well heh i cant trust them and end up lying. I am on medication but seems to be failing eventhough i have spoke up and yet they dont do anything... *been on meds since i was 12 - now 15* So i ask you not for an accurate diagnostic but a general idea you think is wrong with me..Your answers will be appreciated <3
A: personally i think your like me and have more than 1 disoder making it harder to diagnose, i have 5 disorders all bouncing off each other and the med are hard to regulate, so i know its a pain but your not alone!
Skeptics: can every metaphysical phenomena be explained logically?
Q: Can every one be explained as mental illness of the observer? Hallucinations? Coincidence? Opticle illusion? Natural events?Has every person, thousands if not milllions, some very credible, who has seen a ghost, UFO, Bigfoot, experienced prayers or spells answered, telepathy, clairvoyance, just been hallucinating? Some of these things have been explained but in each case there are some that haven't. Can everything be explained logically?
A: Skeptic just doesn't believe. They research they do is only based on reports people have made. They do not dive in and see for themselves. I am not sure if they could being biased.Anyway yes things happen, no they are not very public. Small sects of people know about them and for reason don't speak of them.

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