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What is unipolar depression

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Unipolar depression is a major depressive episode that occurs without the manic phase that occurs in the classic form of bipolar. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-unipolar-depression ]
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Unipolar depression is characterized by signs of depression, including restlessness, anger and irritability. Look for signs of despair and sadness over a period of time with advice from a mental...
Unipolar depression is characterized by signs of depression, including restlessness, anger and irritability. Look for signs of despair and sadness over a period of time with advice from a mental health counselor in this free video on therap...
"Depression is a treatable illness involving an imbalance of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. It is not a character flaw or a sign of personal weakness. You can’t make yourself well by trying to "snap out of it." Alt...

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How do unipolar depression and bipolar depression differ?
Q: Also, which one has the higher rate of suicide?
A: Depressive episodes in major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder are often indistinguishable. There is some evidence that "atypical" depressive symptoms such as increased sleep, increased appetite, weight gain and severe fatigue may be more common in bipolar depression. Bipolar depressions often begin more abruptly and are briefer than unipolar depressions. The rate of suicide for both major depressive disorder (unipolar depression) and bipolar disorder are 10-15%. There are alot of factors that go into to suicide risk such as frequency, severity and chronicity of the depressive episodes as well as concurrent substance use or dependence.
Anyone with Bipolar or unipolar Depression find coming home from holidays hard?
Q: I have bipolar depression and have always found that coming home from holidays abroad sends me into a depressive phase of crying and having black thoughts. I feel really anxious about going back to work and like I just can't cope with life and the UK weather. Is this part of my illness or does everyone feel the same?RE CAELIAC answer below. I tried a gluten free diet and became so obsessed with it that I ended up anorexic and weighing under 6 stone.
A: Hello Lulu my freind, well what your talking about is not all related to bi polar neccessarily, it's more related to anxiety. Yes as you know it often only takes a small reason to get depressed majorly as you do with bi polar, i used to cry over sillyish things and get really depressed but a day or a few days or weeks latrer i would be fine.It is perfectly natural to have anxiety after being away for a period of time, esspecially get depressed after you have been having fun and then comming back to home and work.Anxiety is normal at a level but many people let anxiety control there lives and emotions by over thinking and worrying about things in the future that never turn out the bad way they expect it too.I would suggest try doing stuff to stop worrying/thinking as much or getting in your head space as much, like reading a great book or drawing different things you see along the way home, i play guitar and work towards having an awsum band.It is the best thing for me and my condition/illness, mussic seems to heal me and im so happy i got into a mussical instrument because you dont think about anything but puting your fingers on the right notes, it really takes away all anger and anxiety now that i can play much better (not so when i first started a yr ago or so).So try a new hobby something to get out of thinking too much when your back, also freind when your home you shouldnt rush straight into work if you can.Have a couple of weeks off and get out and do things in your area, even going for good walks n exercise can release happy endorphines in your brain naturally.And whatever you do, DONT drink alcohol or take drugs to try and make yourself feel better. it actually make things much much worse shortly after and is only a temporary band aid which makes things way worse.Aslo talk to people and any freinds you may have, even a total stranger like a sychologist can be great to get all these feelings out.I really hope you have over come anorexia, it is so sad to see women skinny like that and it is very un healthy.So it is most important to prevent worrying by doing things to get out of your head space/thinking too much and it is vital to replace those dark thoughts with rational thoughts eg: if you think i cant do anything and it will be totally crappy when im back - replace that with a rational thought or non negative thought like: well i im am capable of doing many things like ...blablabla and it won't be totally crappy, i dont know how it will be but i do know there will be some positives to comming back and when im comfy again there will be many good days aswell it wont be all bad.See thats rationalisation and being relistic with yourself and also treat yourself much better and dont ever except putting yourself down also challenge those neg thoughts and treat yourself like a best freind.You wouldnt say any of that mean crap to good freinds so dont say it to yourself and in time your mental health will improve like it has for me, you will be more positive and not harsh on yourself after you have re trained your thought pattern and it will improve your life.The mind is powerful and of course if you keep thinking or excepting neg thought it will bring your mood and lifestlye down, but when you challenge it and relise you are worth fighting for than you will find a way of over comming many problems in life by using these techniques which work in time.They have for me, i dont even take medication anymore and i know and im aware of my feelings and mood and when i know im not doing aswell i take the neccessary steps to get through by sitting down and relaxing by playing the guitar so im not thinking too much or i force myself to go for a run and also treat myself fair now instead of being so nasty to myself, in time you actually even like yourself a bit and gratful you put in the effort to help yourself.If you ever want to chat or say hi your welcome to message my by email through QnA, im in Australia but the net is great to talk to weirdos like me you never have to see lol hahaha which means no anxiety.You will have a good week and get through any lows, after every storm the sun comes out even brighter than before and you appreciate it more so.bye mate
clinical long term depression unipolar . what is the life expectancy of a person with that illness?
Q: is it different then the general popualation . please exclude self harm just refer to your knowledge of other health aspects if any that are altered by long term depression .
A: I would say yes, it is different from the general population. With proper care the life expectancy though should be somewhat similar...I am sorry I do not have statistics.Long term depression, untreated, is believed to harm your immune system and may harm or be aggravated by thyroid conditions. Depression is a factor in dealing with and recovering from any serious illness or injury and may increase recovery time as well as the level of recovery if not treated. Sorry I do not have more...at least these things may give you some directions for research.The Skeptical Christian, JPOGrace and PeacePeg

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