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What is the worst cancer to have

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Terminal cancer is the worst cancer to have. Lung cancer is bad, liver cancer is almost university fatal. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-worst-cancer-to-have ]
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What is the worst type of cancer?
Pancreatic cancer is the worst form of cancer. My mother died from Ovarian cancer. That is painful too. Cancer is my biggest fear! It is the one thing I hope I never develop. Someday, we will look back at cancer the way we do at TB; deadly,...
How bad can skin cancer get
I found a small (pencil eraser size) uneven spot on my shin when I was 28 (I'm 35 now) I knew it was cancer, I went and had a biopsy and sure enough it was the worst, malignant melanoma, I had surgery, where they were able to remove it all,...
Are the side effects of chemotherapy worse than the cancer??
Chemotherapy has been used for many years, and only in the last 10 years or so have researchers really understood how the side effects occur. Nausea and vomiting, which to many are the worst of the side effects, can be controlled for most p...

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POLL In your opinion, What is the worst cancer you could have?
Q: a friend has cancer of the colen, he says its the worst of them
A: I have heard , from men , that prostate cancer is the worst. But really, what would be the best type of cancer? None i'm sure. But I have seen , personally, that lung cancer kicks butt! It effects the breathing. Its one thing to be really sick, then its another not be able to breathe.
what is the worst cancer in the usa?
Q: is pancreatic cancer the the most deadliest cancer in the usa?
A: No. In terms of new cases, lung cancer is thethird most common form of cancer, behindbreast and prostate cancers. But in termsof deaths, lung cancer kills the most peopleby far – more than breast, colon, pancreasand prostate cancer combined. Andbecause Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana havesome of the nation's highest smokingrates, lung cancer incidence and deathsin this region remain higher than nationalaverage.Lung cancer
What is the worst kind of cancer?
Q: I am trying to know what the worst diagnosis you could receive from a doctor. I know that all cancer is a very very sad result of life. So thanks for your understanding.
A: There are over 200 different types of cancer . . but the worst is when one of them affects your child. It is one thing to be an adult who has lived most of their life and to have cancer. It is quite another thing for a toddler or child or teen or young adult to get cancer that they do not have treatment for . . so the worst cancer is one that your child gets.Of course you are thinking in different terms . . there are so many rotten cancers that it is hard to pick one . . in general . . the worst types of cancer are the rare ones . . because treatment is limited.The most difficult cancers are stage IV or metastatic cancer . . and almost any cancer can become metastatic. the worst ones are the aggressive cancers that do not respond to treatments.ASCO: Cancer Typeshttp://www.cancer.net/patient/Cancer+TypesASCO: Age Specific Cancerhttp://www.cancer.net/patient/Coping/Age-Specific+Information

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