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What is the testing called that tests for hiv

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HIV testing tells you if you are infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) which causes AIDS. It's called HIV test. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-testing-called-that-tests-for-hiv ]
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Does the womens health clinic call you and leave a messege saying...?
I received a voice mail at 4:30 am saying it was the womens health clinic and that i tested HIV possitive, they left a phone number but is a cell phone number from a different state... the messege wasn't addressed to anyone. Is this some ...
What is the HIV test?
The HIV test looks for antibodies to HIV in either a blood specimen or an oral specimen. Results take two weeks to come back and testing is free and confidential. This antibody test can detect antibodies as soon as 2 weeks - 6 months after ...
Where can I get an HIV test?
You can get a test for HIV at any genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic. You can also get an HIV test at your GP's surgery. However, you may not get the same amount of counselling before and after your test at your GP's surgery as you will at...

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I just read that they do a confirmatory test called a Western Blot after the Elisha test for hiv?
Q: only when the test is POSITIVE..and also they need time to set up counseling in case its positive..so since it obviously takes more time to do another test to confirm a positive.is it safe to assume your negative if u get called in early?
A: Confirmatory tests depend on what area of the world you are in.The ELISA test is the first test, which is an antibody test. Usually if positive, it goes to the Western Blot which is a more specific test for HIV. Most labs run these tests in batches. So it really is impossible to predict what the test results will be based on when you get "called in"
HIV- Testing package... does it test all Stds or just HIV?
Q: I want to test for Stds... but i dont want to have to go to a doctor... i know there is a package out there... called HIV-testing package, however, im not sure if it only test for HIV or all STDs.. It works by sending in a sample of blood via mail and then u call for the results.... this package is sold at rite-aid, walgreens and most pharmacies... do u guys know what it exactly tests?
A: Hello,If it says hiv testing then that is about it. If you want a random testing i would suggest you going to the doctor. Take care
How to approach A Booty Call about Testing for HIV?
Q: Scenario: You & him (or her) experience this tantalizing sexual tension whenever you two are around each other. You might be friends, have mutual friends, work together, etc.You are ready to close the deal and make him (or her) your booty call buddy BUT you have to know 100% for sure that he (or she) is HIV negative AND don't have any STD's (or STD’s you prefer not have).How do you approach him (or her) to take an HIV test and STD screening with you at the same clinic so both of you can be sure y'all are in the clear?Would you demand this from a one-night stand? (Of course it ruins the fun but eh).
A: I dont know for sure if you could get the other person to do this but my best advice is to not do it at all if you need to be completely sure. If you must do it though you could be sure to use a condom, and birth control if you are on it. But hey if you think you gotta be totally sure just come out and ask it means that you care about your body and you have respect for yourself and your partner but I guess that it would not hurt to ask.

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