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What is Scoliosis. What is scoliosis

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Scoliosis: is a lateral, or side-to-side, curvature of the spine that most often occurs gradually during childhood or adolescence. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-scoliosis.-what-is-scoliosis ]
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Who has scoliosis? I was wondering if anyone had scoliosis? And w...?
I'll tell you may story, hope it will help you feel a bit better. I wore a Wilmington brace from under my arms to just over my hips for 10 mo., then had surgery shortly before I turned 14 (1985). My top curve was fused using stainless Steel...
What is scoliosis? | Who gets scoliosis? | How We Treat It |?
U.S. patent number 6,082,365 Russian patent number: 2,104,684) , to treat scoliosis using a method alternative to open surgery and bracing. The treatment period is approximately three to five weeks, with an average of 25 visits of active ca...
Is above 10 degrees scoliosis consider as mild scoliosis??
Albert, A curve above 10 degrees can still be mild scoliosis. As you can see below, you don't really need to do much, treatment-wise, until your curve is around 25 degrees. I've posted the following a few times for other people with questio...

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Q: I was diagnosed with scoliosis at 14 (curve of 28 degrees)..after two years of wearing a brace I was told that the curve at the lower back had worsen (45 degrees).....the doctor told to wait a year before considering surgery..after a year the curve was at 38 degrees, and the doctor told me that I did not need surgery...and that the curve wasn't going to get worse. Now I am 21....an it was being five years since I last went to the doctor for my scoliosis. I am just wondering if my scoliosis could get worse as an adult. Could the curve of my spine get worse even if I am not growing anymore?
A: The short answer is YES. Most scoliosis occurs in childhood, and the few cases of adult scoliosis are due to childhood cases that have not been diagnosed or treated. BUT, If allowed to progress, in severe cases adult scoliosis can lead to chronic severe back pain, deformity, and difficulty in breathing. The bottom line is that you should see your doc if it has been 5 years, and ask about how often you should return for an evaluation.
Q: I had surgery last year when i was 12 and have a long straight scar down my back how do i get rid of it. Also my shoulder still sticks out a bit are there any exercises i can do to improve it?
A: You have to have a strong sense of self and not let it mess with your idea of body image. I had a spinal fusion with iliac crest bone graft in 1985 (13 yrs old). I still have a 40 degree curve, a prominent shoulder blade, one shoulder is higher, my hips a little uneven, and rib prominence on one side. But my spine is stable, no breathing or cardiac problems and I carried to pregnancies without a hitch.The one shoulder is higher makes it easier to sling a shoulder bag on. And those uneven hips...that one that juts out a little more is a perfect resting spot for an infant.Some people swear by rubbing cocoa butter on scars. I have no problem wearing backless things. I think I have a great back scar. The hip scar, not so pretty. But everyone, EVERYONE, has problem areas on their body. I'm an RN, I've seen thousands of naked bodies, no one is perfect. Here are some other famous people who share scoliosis with us: http://www.scoliosis-world.com/famous_people_with_scoliosis.htmSome concern about one's appearance is normal, but an obsession with one's appearance is not. If you think you might be more than concerned, talk to a professional.
Q: Does it affect the brain?make you any brainless lolMy friend has it and I feel sorry for her.but she's smart.scoliosis is the question
A: No, I have scoliosis, and I'm in all gifted classes at my school. It does make your back hurt if it's a severe curve, but it doesn't affect anything else. I recently had surgery and I don't feel any different then before.

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