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What is good to drink when you are vomiting and have diarrhea

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Water is the best thing to drink, 7up might help with nausea, but avoid milk while having vomiting and diarrhea. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-good-to-drink-when-you-are-vomiting-and-have-diarrhea ]
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What Causes A Puppy To Have Foul Smelling Diarrhea And White Foam...?
Foul smelly diarrhea in dogs is usually due to viral infection especially canine parvovirus. Parvo is a viral infection in dogs especially in puppies which is caused by a virus called parvovirus. This virus attacks lymphatic system and dige...

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I have a slight fever, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, and gas.What do I eat/drink to feel better?
Q: everything basically went away except for the diarrhea and gas. Am i supposed to drink water or 7up? Also, what do i eat? (ive just been eating toast)
A: dude...you are so weird......water is always better than 7up no matter what situation is , and beside you are sick right now. i prefer hot water over cold because that make your body warm and sweat those poison and virus out of you body. if you feel like puking , then soup would be the best choices , you can add some tomato , egg and veggies mixed up in the soup to make it digest easier and not gassy.....- -!!
I've been vomiting and have had diarrhea for two days. What are some good things to eat/drink?
A: Low-sugar gatorade and other electrolyte replacements are best. Try simple carbs in bread/wheat products that are easy to digest.I recommend a doctor's visit if it persists much longer.
What can I drink for vomiting and diarrhea?
Q: The vomiting started exactly 24 hours ago but then stopped after about 10. But I am still having diarrhea and it's seriously mostly water coming out (not to be gross). My body feels pretty weak and sore and I have been doing nothing but sleeping and running to the bathroom. my stomach is also feeling a little weak as well. I have been drinking Ginger Ale, Water, and Coke Syrup. I haven't eaten anything all day yesterday, and i dont think i will be able to today. Is there anything else that I can drink or do to feel a little better? And do I need to see a doctor? I feel a lot better since yesterday and the vomiting stopped.
A: sports drinks that contain electrolytes to replace those that you've lost

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