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What is a staff infection in the blood

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Septicemia, or a staph infection in the blood, is sometimes referred to as "blood poisoning." ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-staff-infection-in-the-blood ]
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Is low white blood cells caused from staff infection??
No, introduction of the Staph toxin or bacteria is the cause of a staph infection. Low WBC can be a contributing factor, but is not the sole cause.
How can blood be capable of acquire into the bone easier to bring...?
I need a style to get the blood into or through by bones quicker or even through them because i hold staff in my bones and antibiotics arn't strong satisfactory to get into the bone. Answer: About the solitary things you can do on your own...

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How can blood be able to get into the bone easier to get rid of a staff infection?
Q: I need a way to get the blood into or through by bones quicker or even through them because i have staff in my bones and antibiotics arn't strong enough to get into the bone.
A: About the only things you can do on your own is to exercise and use ice or ice water several times each day for about 5-8 minutes each time. Wait for things to warm completely before applying ice again. The cold causes a local increase in blood flow for several minutes until the area becomes too cool, and then blood flow decreases, so you don't want to use ice for very long. It only works if ice is applied in a way that most of the limb and body remains warm. This works great for muscles, and it might help for bones. There is no guarantee this will work for bones. Any type of aerobic exercise will also help, particularly those exercises that uses the parts of your body that are infected. There are surgical procedures to increase blood flow: drilling and grafting.
what is mercer staff infection in the blood? And is it treatable?
A: I think you mean MRSA (Methcillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus-sometimes pronounced like MERSA). Short answer is MRSA is a Staph infection that is no longer treatable with Methcillin. The Staph. has mutated to be resistant. It's a serious infection, but there are still drugs in the physicians arsenal to treat this infection. I suppose you or someone you know has MRSA? If so speak with your/their physician about how it's being treated. Best place for answers...
can you get a staff infection in your mouth?
Q: i got my wisdom teeth out and one of the cuts on the top got infected. normally the top teeth dont get infected. its usually the bottom ones. well, it oozes this horrible tasting yellow puss and sometimes a little blood. my oral surgeon has already reopened the cut 2 times and stitched it back up, thinking that it will fix the problem, but it hasnt yet. my cousin and friend both have/had staff infections. they oozed yellow puss as well and it would heal up then burst back open, the same way my mouth is doing. im just wondering if its possible to have a staff infection in my mouth. and if it is possible, do i have one?
A: generally a staph.infection is yellow;staphylococcus AUREUS is the bug, the aureus bit meaning 'gold' hence the colour of the pus. There is little significance to a staph infection in itself, thoug obviously youve got colourful visions of MRSA (a type of staph aureus).Most spots are the same bug and most yeloow bogeys too................no doubt it will improve with time and [possibly the right antibiotic.;things either stay the same, worsen or improve...............

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