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What is a shy bladder

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A type of phobia in which the sufferer is unable to urinate in the presence of others, such as in a public restroom. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-shy-bladder ]
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What is Shy Bladder?
Shy Bladder may manifest itself by the person not being able to start to urinate when they feel there are other people there, or the urination may involuntarily stop if someone else should enter the room. Shy Bladder is an involuntary clenc...
How to Overcome Shy Bladder
・ 1 Schedule a check-up with your doctor. He or she will want to rule out medical conditions to make sure... ・ 2 Practice using the restroom in different places. Start with a place where you are comfortable enough... ・ 3 Find a support grou...
Shy Bladder Hypnosis - Does it Really Work?
When it comes to having a shy bladder amongst women and men, it could very well affect them in many ways. You might ask, what is a shy bladder? Well, a shy bladder is someone that doesn't like to use the toilet in front of someone or a p...

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How do i overcome a shy bladder?
Q: I have a shy bladder but i really need to get over it fast because i'm gonna have to be able to give urine samples with my job. what can i do to overcome it?
A: Do something to get your mind off it. Try counting by 3 to 300. Spell your address out backwards starting with your zip code.
How to cure a shy bladder in 1 day
Q: ok i have a shy bladder, and for those who dont know whatr that is, it is when u have trouble peeing around other poeple, it is a common condition. please note that im 13 years old and i need to know a simple way to cure it without anyone finding out that i have a shy bladder.
A: I don't know of an "official" way to cure it. However, when I was a little younger than you my mother taught me a song for me to sing in my head when I'm in public restroom: "It's time to pee and nobody knows it but meeeee!" Repeat that over and over again in your head at an up beat fast tempo and it should help you. It helped me! No one will ever know that you are "singing" in your head.It's been over 20 years since she taught that to me and I still sing it in my head when in a public restroom! :)
How can I deal with shy bladder?
Q: I have paruresis, which means I physically can't pee with other people around, no matter how badly I have to go. Is there any way I can manipulate my muscles or something to force myself to pee? I've been practicing in public bathrooms, but I haven't completely eliminated the problem yet and I need some way to cope with it in the meantime. Drinking a lot is NOT the answer and can damage my bladder by causing it to stretch too much. Doctors don't believe this condition exists and listening to music doesn't solve the problem (I don't know why people keep suggesting that...). I have seen all the paruresis websites. If you're going to be stupid, go do it on someone else's question.Please read the details before you answer a question- I'm not asking how to get over this problem; I'm already working on that. I'm asking if there are any physical things I can do that will force my body to pee when I can't. I already happen to be an active member on the paruresis.org forums (but I can't get answers to this question there, all people want to do there is advertise catheters), but I live in a small town where we don't have support groups, so that's not an option.Tootsie38, you might just be the biggest idiot I have ever encountered on this site. Just because you've never experienced a problem does not mean it doesn't exist. You've obviously never heard of this problem, so don't answer questions you know nothing about.
A: I know that in a public place this would be hard but when at someone elses home, have you tried turning on the sink water and letting warm water run over your hand/wrist....

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