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What is a phobia of being late

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There isn't a clinical term for this fear, but a new fun term that has arisen for this is allegrophobia. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-phobia-of-being-late ]
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Is fear of being late a phobia?
The fear of being late is called serophobia. EDIT: False source. There is no such fear documented.

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What is the phobia name for the fear of being late??
Q: i know there are many phobias, but what is the phobia for being late?
A: Allegrophobia
is fear of being late a phobia?
Q: what's the phobia name for"fear of being late"?eg. arachnophobia-fear of spiders. that type of thingbecause my brother has it and i want to see if it's actually a real phobia. lolthanks
A: The fear of being late is called serophobia.EDIT: False source. There is no such fear documented.
Is there a phobia for being afraid of social gatherings?
Q: All my life I've always being really afraid of attending parties and school related parties and gatherings even when I'm close friends with everyone. It's not that I'm self conscience or anything I just get really nervous and I get to the point where I absolutely refuse to go..... I don't know why, then like a week or less later I wonder why I didnt go....Is there such a phobia or is this something some face their whole lives.
A: social phobia,i have the same thing.i'm afraid of talking too ppl,i hate my personality.wish u lived near meeeeee

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