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What is a cause for Shooting pain in right arm

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Common arm problems that are not caused by a specific injury, such as a blow or fall, include the following: * Overuse or MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-cause-for-shooting-pain-in-right-arm ]
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What could be causing sharp shooting pains in my right arm??
The pains started a week ago for two days straight and went away. A few days later I have suffered nothing but shartp continous pain up and down my right arm. I have not pulled lifted or nor slept on my arm wrong. I have tried to take aspir...
Should I be concerned that I am having sharp shooting pain down m...?
My manager and I were just talking about this scenario a few days ago. He was working one day and all of the sudden he had an incredible pain down his arm, and he collapsed, crying. He thought it was a heart attack. The doctors thought he h...

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What would cause sharp shooting arm pains?
Q: Ok, my left arm doesn't always hurt, but there will be random occasions, sometimes back to back over the course of a day, where it feels like someone is just wringing their fingers around something in my arm. It's not too bothersome to see a doctor, seeing as how it's not completely consistent, but it is bothersome enough to know what is wrong with it. No other parts of my body hurt like this, just my left arm. Does anyone know what might cause this? It's not exactly like someone stabbing my arm, but just more like a small irritant throughout the day.
A: Pinched nerve?RN
What could cause shooting, sort of electrical pain intermittently down the back of the arm?
Q: I have a shooting type of electrical sort of pain, not severe, not all of the time, down the back of my left arm. It is about three-quarters of the way down between the shoulder and the elbow. It feels a bit like some type of nerve pain. It does not hurt when I press there, and the skin even feels a bit numb.I have had this on and off for several weeks. Thanks.
A: It could be anything from a pinched nerve to a torn rotator cuff...you probably need to go get your shoulder X-rayed. Hope you feel better soon!http://orthoinfo.aaos.org/fact/thr_report.cfm?thread_id=127
What causes the shooting pains down the left arm associated with a heart attack?
Q: Don't worry; I'm not having a heart attack, although a coworker had a scare the other day. It made me wonder how that usually works. In other words, how does a heart attack cause shooting pain down the left arm?
A: Aniginal pain can be experienced as nausea, or pain in the back, right arm, neck, jaw or teeth. This is due to the way your internal organs are wired. These visceral nerves are not as well defined as your somatic nerves (the nerves on your skin for example). There's no need for your body to have ever developed these nerves, for example you don't conciously focus on digesting your food. The visceral nerve sensations are poorly defined, confusing your brain and making you think the pain is coming from the arm.

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