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What is a bunyan

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A bunion develops when your big toe starts to angle towards your second toe. A fluid-filled space called a bursa may More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-bunyan ]
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Where Are They Now? Laffing Sal and Paul Bunyan
Laffing Sal was the mechanical woman trapped behind a wire mesh screen in one of the towers of the Laff in the Dark. She moved back and forth and her head rolled as she chuckled loudly. Her tinny guffaw could be heard half way down the midw...
Who is Paul Bunyan?
Tales of the Paul Bunyan type originated as separate anecdotes or "gags" “exchange” in competitive bragging or lying contests and involving "sells" and the pranking of greenhorns. "The best authorities," writes...
Paul Bunyan: Is Bigger, Better?
Paul Bunyan: Is Bigger Better? "Paul Bunyan and Babe the Big Blue Ox" is a classic American myth found in many homes and classrooms. The myth presents a boy who grows up to be so large that "Paul's clothing was so large they...

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Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan How does the level of violence chnge n the 2nd part as compared 2 the 1st par?
Q: Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan, How does the level of violence chnge n the 2nd part as compared 2 the 1st part
A: Well in the first part Christian is a man, travelling with other men, so he fights Apollyon and goes through a hair-raising few experiences. It's more in-your-face, exciting stuff with few stops on the way. The first half is really an adventure story.In the second half, Christiana is his wife (widow, he's supposed to have died by then) and she is travelling with her kids. This time Greatheart is sent along with her, to keep her safe. A woman at that time when it was written (17th century) was seen as "weaker" so the author doesn't put her in such violent scenes; there is more philosophy and emphasis on the need to be obedient to the rules (like when her sons eat the "forbidden fruit.") They do a lot more stopping and resting in different places, and in those places the rests are longer, to give the author a chance to roll out his "teaching" and doctrines etc. There's more emphasis on family life, marriage etc. while poor old Christian had to go it alone. She doesn't even seem to remember him all that much.
What is the estimated value of a 1924 (first edition?) copy of Esther Sheperd's "Paul Bunyan" ?
Q: My fiance has a copy of Esther Sheperd's 'Paul Bunyan', its copyright date is 1924. We both believe it is a first edition, and we were wondering how much his book is worth?
A: The earliest anthology of the tales of Paul Bunyan was in 1914. There were other collections in 1916 and 1919. In 1924 both James Stevens and Esther Shepard published books on the tales of Paul Bunyan. Therefore your book is quite possibly a 1st addition, but one of many published books on the Bunyan character.Though this reads negative, it might add to the worth of your book. I quote, "On the basis of negative evidence that Paul Bunyan was unknown to Old Timers in Minnesota and wisconsin and of certain acronyisms in Esther Shepard's version, [there is] a "tentative conclusion" Paul Bunyan as a legendary hero as true folklore is spurious."
How did John Bunyan show sensitivity to others (as a virtue)?
Q: i need to know how he was sensitive to others' feelings.
A: see this article about himhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Bunyanand this about Pilgrim's Progresshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pilgrim%27s_Progress

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