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What is a big bump on my leg it hurt

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It could be a skin cyst. Cysts are common and can occur anywhere in the body in persons of any age. They are often painless. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-big-bump-on-my-leg-it-hurt ]
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What are these bumps on my legs and why do they hurt??
girl what have you done.it's razer burn.i remember one time at camp i had to save my legs and i didn't have any shaving cream so i used lotion.and it worked unfortunately.so you could try that but you might not want to shave until the bumps...

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Hurt my shin on my leg and have a big bruise.?
Q: I skateboard which means I hurt my legs alot, especially my shins.Over the past few years Ive hit my shins so many times, when ever I run my hand down my leg on my shins its just bump after bump on my leg.Recently I hit my shin very hard, no bleeding it just turned red and kinda blue. I iced it and maybe 3 or 4 days later I hurt my shin again on the exact same spot and it went from being red to now being purple/blue it also was bleeding just a little, but there was no cut on my leg. Every time I run my hand down that part of my shin/leg there is a really really big bump.And can someone tell me why it hurts so bad whenever you hit that part of your leg.And what should I do it hurts bad, should I just keep putting ice on it?
A: To answer your first question, the reason your shin hurts so bad is because there is a bundle of nerve tissue there.The answer to your second question is, i'm no doctor but from personal experience, it may be broken , but it is not likely so take some medicine to reduce the pain keep on icing it, and if it does not down at all or if it still hurts really bad after a couple of days go see a certified professional for this matter.
pimple on my leg and it turned into a bump....HELP PLZ!!?
Q: I got this bump on my leg below my leg with white stuff in it. i tried to pop it and it just got bigger...i finally popped it with a needle and a whole bunch of white liquid puss came out....its been 2 days and now i have a big bump. it hurts when i touch it and walk....it itches to.
A: I did the same thing. I bought some save from cvs called prid and it drew the rest of the infection out.
Why do I have a huge red bump on the back of my leg?
Q: I have this big, red bump on the back of my leg and it hurts SO FREAKING BAD! It is on my upper theigh. It started out as a pimple and I tryed to pop it and nothing really came out, now It hurts and is huge and is irratated all around it. It hurts to move in every which way. What should I do?
A: From what i can see you have a boil on your leg yes they can be very painful the more you squeeze it the more the pain i think you should put Neosporin on it and put a bandaid over it and let it sit for a few days because it will take awhile to buss and puss will start coming out on its own if it does continue you should go to a doctor and get antibotics and that should help to.

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