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What if your pancreas produces to much insulin

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If your pancreas makes too much insulin its called hyperinsulinemia. The common cause of hyperinsulinemia is insulin resistance. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-if-your-pancreas-produces-to-much-insulin ]
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How much insulin is my pancreas producing?
Ketones are present in urine when your body is using fat as a main fuel source. Ketones present might mean someone is not making enough insulin so their bodies start using their body fat as fuel...usually seen in Type 1's, aka, insulin de...
Can A Growth On The Pancreas Cause The Body To Produce Too Much I...?
This is a query that can be best answered only by medical experts. A layperson with fragmentary knowledge about medicine and diseases cannot answer this question and rid you of your doubts. Hence the best way is to consult a doctor and ask ...

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What specific part of the pancreas produces insulin?
A: the beta cells in the "islets of Langerhans" specifically.
What would be the cause for your pancreas not to produce insulin or partially produce it?
Q: does the pancreas just stop working or what causes it to stop producing the hormone insulin/
A: Wow! That is quite the question. I think scientists are still working this one out. Well aside from the slowing down of the pancreas from aging and genetics as in diabetes. If you injured your pancreas with pancreatitis, which could be caused from gall bladder blockages or virus or bacterial attack. If you had a bad fall or trauma as in a car accident or being beaten up and damaged your pancreas that way, this could cause it as well. Cancer of the pancreas could increase insulin or decrease it as well. Smoking is a leading cause of pancreatic cancer. If you are asking what causes diabetes, the jury is still out on this. There are contributing factors, like genetics and diet and weight and virus and bacterial infections. Hope this helps.
What amount of insulin do pancreas produce for a normal person? Can insulim produced be known for diabetic?
Q: I am diabetic injecting insulin and would like to know?Can my insulin production be known? Which vegetable, herb can substitute artificial insulin (medicine). Doctors in the whole world have never come up with any medicine to enable impaired pancreas produce insulin?
A: A c-peptide is the test that will show you how much insulin you make naturally. A healthy adult pancreas makes about 1 unit an hour basal, plus 3-5 units to cover meals. http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/d_0n_110.htm

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