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What if your discharge is yellow

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It can be caused by bacteria, yeasts, viruses, and other parasites.Some sexually transmitted diseases can also cause this.MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-if-your-discharge-is-yellow ]
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What does yellow discharge mean?
I just went to the doctor because of that it can be a sign of yeast, chlamydia, or bacteria. I got lucky and it was just bacteria sort of like a urinary tract infection only it was in the vagina. But you should go to the health department t...
Is Yellow Discharge Normal?
it'll probably go away after a while, or your period will come in like a week or two. discharge is usually white/clear but sometimes it can be tinted. i've had a yellowish discharge before, and im still kicking.
What is this yellow discharge?
It sounds like the discharge that is normally expelled from your vagina to clean it. Once this discharge hits oxygen it dries and turns yellow or darker on your pants. If you are still worried go and speak to your DR.

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Does yellow discharge mean your going to get your first period soon?
Q: Every day I have heavy yellow discharge and from yahoo answers someone said that you will get yellow discharge when your close to the time you get your first period, but mine is yellow-white with pink blood spots, so I don't know when I will get my first period!!!! So does that mean my period with come any time soon?
A: yellowish discharge kinda means that may have a yeast infection. its nothing serious so please breath. it means bacteria in ur va-jay-jay didnt get a chance to get flushed out. but yellowish white discharge with brownish red means ur getting ur period. pink is a new color for me. but you may be on your way to ur first period. So when u get it. congrats.
What's the cause of yellow discharge after your period?
Q: After my period, i noticed an odor, i thought it was nothin 2 worry about. Til, instead of my usual white discharge, i seen yellow, what is it 4rm, and can u help me? Thankx
A: Yeast infection =[You can get over the counter medacine. You don't even have to tell your mom or doctor. The good kind takes the infection away in 3 days.Best of luck!
Is it possible that your vaginal discharge can change to a faintly yellow once its exposed to air?
Q: I'm asking because once I check within my vagina, the discharge is white, not yellow. Has anyone else experienced this?
A: Discharge will not change color after being immediately exposed to air. However, it may change color after drying. Colors can range from white, yellow, clear, sticky, or stretchy, and they're all usually normal (mine belong within that whole range).

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