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What if am I sick of if I have a headache, am dizzy and nauseous

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It sounds like you might have the flu! Do you also have a fever? If so, you might want to make an appointment to see your doctor! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-if-am-i-sick-of-if-i-have-a-headache%2C-am-dizzy-and-nauseous ]
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Why Do I Feel So Sick?I am having nausea, dizziness,headaches, ti...?
if you think you are pregnant you are more than likely NOT. While you can get pregnant any time of the month, you are more than likely to get pregnant 2 weeks after the first day of your menstrual cycle. You probably have some sort of virus...

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I feel dizzy and nauseous if I have to wait to eat when I am hungry anyone know what is causing this?
Q: I get very dizzy and feel pretty sick, then after I eat I get a headache and just feel bad for the rest of the day. Also when I do eat I have to make myself do so as I am so nauseous-this has been going on for a while. I don't have heath care-so any help would be great.
A: sounds likely to be low blood sugar...try keeping pack of sweets with you and eating one when you begin to feel like this, if the feeling goes away then thats most likely to be the problem. You should definetly try to visit doctor to check your blood count to make sure all is ok.
I am about 2 months pregnant and keep getting so dizzy and nauseous. Help?
Q: I wake up with headaches that barely go away through the day and feel sick and dizzy all day long. I only feel better once I have eaten a full meal, but that is hard to do all the time! Sometimes I feel so sick from being hungry that I can't eat. I am so dizzy all the time that it makes me feel sick to move my head too much. I get dizzy shifting my eyes from left to right. I can only stand up for a little while before I feel like I am going to throw up or faint.Is something wrong with me? I feel miserable all the time!
A: Sometimes in early pregnancy a womans body has to get used to the fact that her body is getting ready to have a baby. It might seem like a foreign body, But the best thing to do is to eat some soda crackers to dispell any up set stomach. Sodium is a buffer and will help settle the stomach. Please be good to yourself and your baby and do not take any drugs if you can at all help it any other way. Get plenty of rest and good nourishing food every so many hours. Stay active as this will keep your mind busy and the time will go pretty smoothly and quickly. Remember, you are eating for two. Yourself and your baby. It does not mean to eat as much as two people, it means to eat healthfully for yourself and then your baby will be getting what it needs as well at the same time. This will also curb your stomach upset. Also remember, less is better, and go by your apetite and thirst. Good luck and God Bless, If you want to contact me for more info. See source below.
headache nauseous sick feeling. now dizziness?
Q: a few days ago i posted a question about feeling sick after i eat.. well last night i ate and got that feeling again. then i got REALLY hot and VERY dizzy and almost threw up.. i had a headache then and still kind of have one now. i had to sit down.. this was at like 230am so im not sure how long it lasted. i just went to bed. has this happened to anyone? does anyone know whats wrong!? thanks =]
A: just go see a doctor ..

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