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What happens when you knee buckles

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When a knee buckles it is like it gives out to where you almost fall or it could also mean locking or clicking in place. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-when-you-knee-buckles ]
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What happens when your knees buckle?
No, it's normal. Happens to me all the time after a heavy leg workout..

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what happens when your knees buckle?
Q: what happens when they buckle, and should you go see a doctor
A: No, it's normal.Happens to me all the time after a heavy leg workout..
why does my knee get week and buckles on me?
Q: evey one in a while my right knee gets week and bucles on me. usually i cath my fall with my left leg. tonight i didnt. it happens unexpectedly from one a month or so. sometimes it doesnt occur in months. this has been happening since i was 12. im 23 now. i never went to the docter cause it dont happen much and its painless.
A: :) you really should take a few min and talk with your doctor, possible that you have nerves pinching...ect..., lol, that's how my friends and I are- we get real sick/ serious pain, arrange an appointment and then almost instantly we are heeled- then look foolish for arranging and canceling appointments back to back,well your problem is probably nothing,,, or something serious developing- clogged blood ways/ inflicted nerves so,mmm, holla at your doctor for a {yearly} check- up, and ask her about it " including the detail that is occurring repeatedly over the last 11 years :)
how can i strengthen my knee?
Q: i'm wanting to get back into running but it's been a couple years.... i injured my knee in tennis a while back and today i thought maybe i could just start running and see what happens. i made it about a block away when my knee buckled and pain shot up my leg..... i REALLY want to be in track senior year but i don't know if that will happen.... what are some good techniques for strengthening knees? also how is the best way to pick up running again?
A: You can not strengthen your joints, but you can strengthen the muscles that support that joint.Start by doing moderate, not heavy weights.Doing leg exercises that flex and extend the knee will help.Biking is a good rehab exercise for knees, and will help your cardiovascular conditioning.If you have pain and your knee buckles you can not run, be careful and do not get into a hurry.

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