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What happens to your brain when you have a head ache

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Although it may feel like it, a headache is not a pain in your brain. Your brain is not affected by a headache. Thanks. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-to-your-brain-when-you-have-a-head-ache ]
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What happens to the brain when you get a headache?
Nothing...the brain doesn't feel any pain. The meninges, the protective tissue layers covering the brain, can be the cause of such pain in migraines or it can be the nerve bundles surrounding the area but not the brain.
What happens to your brain during a headache/migraine?
often migraines are caused by engorged blood vessels in the brain, which is why vasoconstrictors such as ice and coffee sometimes help. http://natural-migraine-cure.info

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When Do You Know When You Have A Brain Tumor?
Q: I've been having alot of head aches lately and my mom says that they might be signs of a brain tumor. I want you to give me an opinion on what you think and give me the symptoms on what happens when signs of a brain tumor.
A: My father died from a brain tumor. He didn't have a headache the whole time. We first knew something was wrong when he started forgetting obvious things.
What do sudden head aches, seizures, vertigo, and dizziness mean?
Q: I remember getting these moments when I am sleeping and then like a white light and a strong pain in my brain happens.I can't move and after I am done, it's like jamais vu.I also get really bad vertigo every so often when I get up.My brain lately has been hurting me too. Like sharp pains in my brain.What could this be?
A: Get to a doctor. Don't let people on a chat diagnose you!!! This is serious, especiall if you think you're having seizures!
Why do headache occur? What happens in our brain that make the 'aching' sensation?
Q: Also, why do we get aches in different parts of our head at different times (sometimes on one of the sides or on both, sometimes on the front, sometimes back or a combination of any)Part 2 of my Q: If there is no eye problem or migrane, wht else could be the cause?
A: Your brain has no nereve endings, so it cant hurt. Its the sensation of building tension in the muscles or constricton causing pressure that causes the pain. The origin of the pain is what causes the shifts in pain location for eg. we hunch our bodies defensively when we are under stress which leads to constant muscle tenson across the shoulders and neck which eventually translates into the characteristic pattern of a tension headache (back, neck, shoulder, head). or if you have eye problems headaches can originate on the side of constant strain or pressure (left eye vs right).Apart from eyes and migraine, certain substances (e.g drugs, drinks, food etc.) can trigger headaches. Hormonal (e.g. menstrual) changes, dehydration, tiredness and other states of biological disharmony can lead to headaches.

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