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What happens if you scratch a mole and it bleeds

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Most likely nothing will happen if you scratch a mole and it bleeds. If you have any of these signs, you should see a doctor:MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-you-scratch-a-mole-and-it-bleeds ]
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How to Get rid of Moles
・ 1 Determine where the new tunnels are. Do this by flattening the dirt mounds in your hard. If you see... ・ 2 Set a mole trap. Follow the instructions that come with your mole trap to a "T". Set the mole trap... ・ 3 Check the mol...
Does a mole bleed when scratch off?
most do, but they shouldnt be being scatched off, if you are concerned book an appointment with your GP
Am I susceptible to skin cancer if I scratch my mole and it start...?
If your mole grows or if it changes colors, yes, probably. you should have it removed. I have skin cancer + little cancer scars. Because I've had so many moles removed. No need to worry about it.

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What happens if you scratch open a mole?
Q: I was scratching my back and I scratched open a mole and it was bleeding alot, should I be worried?
A: Put a bandaid over it and try not to touch it again for a while... when it's open, that's when bacteria enters your body, and gets you sick. Also, it may leave a mark that looks worse than the mole looked like. But your a bit late for that, so just cover it up and you'll be fine!
what happens to a scratched mole?
Q: had this mole on my chest that i scratched by accident. i didn't completely scratch it off but maybe cut it and it bled a little. I think that it healed but the skin around it is kinda dry and feels like its starting to cover the mole. is this normal?another thing. should it feel a little itchy? sometimes get an urge to scratch around the mole it doesnt irritate me as much, sometimes i can go a hole day without touching it.
A: It's normal. You need to put Hydrogen Peroxide on it with a cotton ball or Q tip, then put Witch Hazel or Tea Tree Oil on it to prevent infection.Hope this helps you. My moles went away after using Hydrogen Peroxide on them. I don't know why either.:)
what happens if you accidently scratched your mole and it started bleeding?
A: Nothing. I have one on my face that I cut with my razor from time to time and I'm still around to talk about it.

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