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What happens if I keep biting my lips

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Lip biting leads to loss of moisture in the lip, chapping, peeling skin, pain and sometimes deep bleeding wounds from broken skin. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-i-keep-biting-my-lips ]
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Why do I keep biting my lip?
You're right. It's simply a habit you need to stop. It won't be easy. I have had a number of bad oral habits in the past. Tongue thrusts, lip licking, and even lip sucking (i think?). The way to break these types of thinks is simply to th...
Why I keep biting my lips and my tongue?
I guess it is one's way of making do with what we have at the moment. Subconsciously, you may long to "bite" someone's lips or tongue. This happens when one has been overseas for too long. *wink* Don't worry it is not habit formin...
Do you have an annoying habbit? i keep biting my lips...i want to...?
i bite the skin under my lips...i don't realize i'm doing it... and i think i snore...not sure though!

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Just got my braces off and I keep biting my lips, How do I stop?
Q: I just got them off a week ago, and whenever I eat I accidentally chomp right into my upper lip. It happens at least twice every meal. It freaking hurts and makes my tears well up in my eyes.
A: Jessica I never had braces before but this is a question for your dentist. It could also cause an infection if not treated.
What Happens To My Lips When I Play Alto Sax?
Q: Whenever I Play my alto sax my lips hurt because I keep biting in to it hard. I just want to know what's going to happen to my lips if I keep playing like this,
A: Um... don't bite it then. But seriously, only your bottom lip should have "teeth" contacting it. The upper teeth should be touching the mouthpiece. You should not be putting enough pressure on the bottom lip to cut it or do damage. Eventually, your embouchure (muscles in the mouth that controll your sound) will strenghen to the point that you won't feel any discomfort or "pain." Of course, check with a music teacher to make sure you are not doing anything seriously wrong, but its good you are interested enough in playing your sax to post here! The links below should help you learn more about sax embouchure to help make sure you aren't doing anything wrong.I have taught band instruments for many years, and have seen a few sax players in my time... none have ever bitten through their lips!Have fun, and keep playing!
I keep biting my inner lip while eating on the left side, so should i worry?
Q: It doesnt happen very often but still, im 38 btw just so u know.No it doesnt feel swollen it feels just like the other side. tnks tho!
A: Well I think it's highly unlikely you have a neurological disorder - you probably bit it once and it got swollen which means that it continued to "get in the way" of your chewing. Sort of like a cycle... you keep biting it and it gets more swollen so you keep biting it even more. Hope it helps!

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