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What else can make you feel nauseous

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Patients undergoing chemotherapy can feel nauseous, also eating bad food can make someone nauseous. Pregnancy as well. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-else-can-make-you-feel-nauseous ]
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Can constipation make you feel nauseous?
Yes it can. Try a laxative or increase the fiber intake in your diet to relieve the constipation. You may also want to cut back on greasy, high fat, or low nutritional value foods/
Does HOODia make you feel nauseous?
Three of my co-workers have been using Hoodia to loose weight. Two of them had no visible side effects. But the third one did have symptoms similar to yours. She had started taking Hoodia without consulting her doctor first. Turns out, that...
Why does milk make me feel nauseous?
Lactose intolerance might be the correct answer but you should understand what it is and what can be done about it. The body needs the enzyme lactase to digest lactose which is milk sugar and if you're lacking in the enzyme you can buy ov...

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Did anyone else feel nauseous towards the end of their pregnancy?
Q: I'm 36 weeks pregnant, and have been extremely nauseous the past few days. I still have 4 weeks to go. Has anyone had nausea last that long at this stage of their pregnancy? With my first, I started feeling nauseous about 5-6 days before delivery (I delivered at 37 weeks)Yes, I have also been having braxton hicks contractions like crazy since 33 weeks (they started at 28 weeks but very sporadically). I was getting about 25-30 a day, but they have subsided a bit.
A: I have been nauseous for the last few days. Last night was really bad, I felt like I was going to pass out and had lower abdominal cramps (Braxton Hicks) I think and was throwing up. I'm 34 weeks pregnant
Did anyone else feel nauseous while watching the movie District 9?
Q: Me and at least 6 other friends of mine said they felt like they were going to vomit during the movie, some had to leave they felt so bad.
A: Yes it's an alien conspiracy! Run!!!! No but on a more serious note. Maybe they got food poisoning from the theater food or something.
Anyone else feel nauseous on Yaz?
Q: I took it for a few years, went off of it for a 8 months, went back on, and now I'm feeling nauseous almost every day! I am eating better (and less) than I did the last time I was on it, which could just make my stomach unsettled, but I'm trying to lose weight and don't want to eat just to stop nausea. Also, I know that I am definitely not pregnant. Has anyone else experienced this side effect? I love everything else about this pill so I don't want to go off of it.
A: Yes I feel nauseous all the time and I am not pregnant either. I took a pregnancy test before I started it at almost 5 weeks post partum. I just had a little girl May 6, 2009. I got my first post partum period (i think) after 2 weeks taking it and then I got another period at the end of the pack. I hope its just break through bleeding as I'm almost positive I am not pregnant. BUt I have no idea why im nauseous either. Maybe its just the pill, I think its a side effect.

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