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What does stage 3 cancer mean

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Stage 1 of cancer is the earliest stage with the highest cure rates. Stage 2 and 3 the cancer is spreading. And in stage 4, the cancer has spread throughout the body and the prognosis is poor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-stage-3-cancer-mean ]
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What does 'stage 3 bladder cancer' mean?
Stage 3 bladder cancer refers to a tumour that is no longer contained within the bladder, but has penetrated through not only the bladder muscle, but the outer wall of the bladder. It is subdivided into A and B. 'A' refers to microscopic ce...
What does stage III cancer mean?
Stage III cancer of the colon or rectum means the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes. When colon or rectal cancer has spread to your lymph nodes, the risk that the cancer will come back is high. Recent research studies of patients with st...

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What does it mean when the Dr. tells you that you have cancer and it is in stage 3?
Q: I dont but my sister does and she has to go to see another Dr. in 2 weeks. I looked it up on the internet but couldnt really find what I was looking for.Thanks for all answers.
A: There are four stages of cancer and despite what you read here, they are all treatable. Any stage of cancer is serious and can be deadly. Stages of cancer are used by an oncologist to determine HOW to treat a patient . . it isn't to deliver a death sentence to them. Each stage of cancer and the grade of the tumor, plus the type of cancer . . all have protocols (a set of blueprints used by the doctor to treat a patients cancer). Too, stage severity will differ according to what type of cancer you may have . . a stage 2 lung cancer is more serious than a stage 2 lymphoma.With that in mind and in general terms:A stage 1 cancer means that it is in one spot. It is probably small, low grade, can be removed surgically, and is probably curable.A stage 2 cancer means that the cancer may have grown large enough to affect surrounding tissue and organs. There may be more than one. Treatments will vary according to the type of cancer, but again surgery and possibly radiation and chemotherapy will be used.A stage 3 cancer means that there is probably more than one tumor, it has spred or grown around the local area but it has not metastasized. Treatment will probably be surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy according to the type of cancer.A stage 4 means that the primary tumor has metastasized. The cancer is no longer confined to one spot, but has shed small cancer cells and sent them out into the blood stream. The small cancer cells will than lodge in a new location far away from the primary site. For example a colon cancer cell breaks off, travels through the blood system and lodges in the lung. That colon cancer cell will begin to grow a new cancer in that location. In general, treatment will consist of chemotherapy to shrink the tumors, surgery to remove, and radiation to treat local or primary areas. Stage 4 is more difficult to treat, but not impossible and the same can be said for stage 3. It is more difficult to treat, but not impossible.Whatever stage a patient is diagnosed in always stays the same during their entire treatment. Thus it can happen that a stage 3 or 4 may be cured and go into remission . . while a stage 1 or 2 later sees progression of disease and will not survive.Good luck.
my friend is has been told she cervical cancer,and it is at stage 3,what does this mean?
A: In stage 3 the cancer has spread away from the area surrounding the cervix. It may have grown down into the lower part of the vagina and the muscles and ligaments that line the pelvis (pelvic wall). And it may have grown up to block the tubes that drain the kidneys (the ureters). It can be divided intoStage 3aStage 3bStage 3a is when the cancer has spread to the lower third of the vagina but not the pelvic wall. And stage 3b means the tumour has grown through to the pelvic wall or is blocking one or both of the tubes that drains the kidneys.This stage is usually treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Research studies have shown that this combined treatment can improve the survival rates of stage 3 cervical cancer.
Well I'm in remission from ovarian cancer stage 3- 8 months of poor me. Now that that chemo is over, now what?
Q: I mean ACS helped when I need a wig, but that was it. Yes support groups and maybe on. Being single 1 income and trying to go back to work after 8 months of chemo, I still need naps. And then financially trying to restore all that debt, what are you to do? Were are my rights after, where is the help after.Its never ending.....We do you start to feel better.
A: Your "rights"?I don't understand what you are asking here, but you seem to be under the impression that you will receive special treatment by society.You are joining the millions of other citizens who have prevailed through treatment of a serious disease. There are millions of cancer survivors, millions surviving with heart disease, millions with diabetes, and so on . . . . Unfortunately, illness is a part of real life. Everyone deals with it in their own way. Good luck. Best wishes for permanent remission.

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