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What does it mean when your balls drop

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Basically, what people are referring to is the descent of the testes into the scrotal sack. This occurs soon after birth. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-your-balls-drop ]
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What does it mean to have your balls drop?
Before puberty a bouys scrotum (balls) are small and round and tight against his body, below his penis. When you get to puberty your testes (the balls inside the sack) start to grow bigger so that they can make sperm. They make sperm better...
How do you know your balls have dropped?
"balls" is a sesative word on this topic. lets use testes. Generally a males testes drop into the scrotum while you ae in the womb, before you are even born. If you have not yet felt testes in your scrotum, see a physician immidia...
What does it mean when a guys balls drop?
Technically, your balls drop when you're born. It's just a term used for guys going through puberty, when their testicles grow bigger and hang lower. :D

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What does it mean when your balls drop?
Q: i have heard it said so many times but never understood what it ment when ur balls drop... so cant someone fill me in?
A: People who say that their balls have dropped don't kno what they are talking about. When you were born, your balls weren't in your scropum. By the time you were about 1 - 2 years old your balls come down into your scropum (bag). They don't grow until you start puberty. Because they are bigger guys think that they just "dropped".(ur balls dropped when u were 1 year old.)Here's what I'm trying to tell u.Normally, the testicles develop in the stomach of the baby before birth. Then they come down into the scrotum before birth. An undescended testicle occurs when one or both testicles fail to drop down before birth. This happens fairly commonly in premature infants and occurs about three to four percent of the time in full-term infants. About 65 percent of these usually drop before the age of nine months. Sometimes a child’s testicle will drop, but then retract or pull back into the scrotum. This is not considered an undescended testicle. This happens because of the strength of the muscles (cremasteric reflex) that retract the testicles before puberty. This is considered fairly normal and does not require surgery. Testicles that do not drop by about one year of age should be examined by a surgeon. It is thought that by three years of age, if the testicles have not dropped, surgery should be done to prevent permanent damage to the testicles. http://www.urology.wustl.edu/PatientCare/UndescendedTesticle.asp
What does it mean when a guys balls drop?
Q: okay, i was talking to my fruit (an orange) named eddie, and we were talking about balls. Eddie said his balls dropped when he was as small as a grape. what does a guys balls being dropped mean??jk but what does it mean???
A: When a boy is born, his testicles have not descended. Over a period of time, they will descend. Tis easier to see on puppies, the males do the same thing. If the testicles do not descend, they may have to be removed, or surgery can be done in some cases to cause them to descend. Now you have it in a nutshell.
what does "when your balls drop" mean?
Q: i was on xbox live once and this guy said "stfu i bet your balls didn't even drop yet" to this other guy and no1 knew what he was talking about
A: as you mature, your balls move down into the scrotum. When young they are more inside your body as a protection. Then as you get older and ready to produce sperm, the testicles (balls) decend so that they are dangling outside your body. This allows them to be cooler than your body which is necessary for the successful generation of sperm. Hence the term that your fellow player was referring to.

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