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What does it mean when you bleed from the ears

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It could be swimmers ear, punctured ear drum, or a tumor. It's not normal and you need to see your doctor for that. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-bleed-from-the-ears ]
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What does it mean when u bleed through your ears??
Well, not to freak you out or anything, but usually blood in the ear means one of two things- you damaged your ear internally, or you fractured your skull. Seeing as you are capable of sitting in front of your computer, I'd say you did some...
What does it mean if someone bleeds from their ears??
As far as I know, bleeding from the ears is always the sign of something serious. You should follow Fuzzy's advice, for you or whoever it is happening to. The most common cause that I know about is concussion from an explosion, where you ar...
What does Static Ear Bleed mean?
A song that sounds really bad and staticky because of the sound card on the computer or the recording device thus making your ears bleed.

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What does it mean when the inside of your ears bleed?
Q: I know you have some kind of internal bleeding..But what's bleeding? Your brain? xDOh. And also from your mouth?LMAO !!No, no . I'm fine . I was just wondering because my friends and i were talking about it at school . ;D
A: http://symptoms.wrongdiagnosis.com/cosymptoms/bleeding-from-ear/mouth-symptoms.htmtry this website.it tells you all about why you are bleeding from your ears and mouth.I hope i helped.are you bleeding from your nose too???
What does it mean when a 9 month old rubs her ears? Sometimes she even scratches them and makes them bleed.?
Q: I've had an ear infection ruled out by the doctor, plus she is doing this to both ears and the chances of both being infected are slimmer. She is also on antibiotics for a viral infection she got recently that the doctor said would clear up any infection if it were that. I'm just concerned because she has been doing this several times a day for a while.
A: keep her nails trimmed. I have suffered allergies my entire life guess how they effect me? itchy ears. my mother went nuts before thinking I had and ear infection (sis suffered with them all through childhood). to this day that is how my seasonal allergies hit me, not realized until adulthood.
what does it mean when you bleed from your ear?
A: It means that you have probably ruptured your eardrum, and should see your Doctor immediately!

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