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What does it mean if your pee comes out white

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White or cloudy urine is most commonly due to phosphaturia (phosphate in urine), which is a benign condition in which excess MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-your-pee-comes-out-white ]
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When I Go Pee Little Bit Of White Stuff Come Out, Does That Mean ...?
Most likely it is because you are ovulating don't worry unless you miss a period for over two weeks

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What does it mean when you pee and some white discharge comes out.....?
Q: and no I did not have any sexual activity...not since yesterday.I've been to the doctor within the past month and been tested...he said I was fine.Not to mention I have been with the same person for 4 years...and been faithful!Even if I havnt had any sexual stimulation in over 24 hours??
A: if, you've been to the doctor and everything's good to go. then it means, everything is just that. it's nothing to worry about. it just means that you had a lil ejaculate leftover that wasn't able to expel with the rest of it. and your pee is just helping it come out. FYI: the urine and the ejaculation travel thru the same passage way. that is why you cannot urinate when you're excited.
what does it mean when white stuff comes out of penis?
Q: i was going pee and white stuff came out of my penis
A: der you know wat it is
what does it mean when a girl pees and white gel stuff comes out?
A: it's discharge.It's totally normal.It's your vagina's way of cleaning itself.They fact that you have it means your vagina is working properly.

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