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What does it mean if your kidneys hurt

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Common causes of kidney pain are: kidney stones, kidney infection or bleeding within the kidney. ChaCha says see a doctor! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-your-kidneys-hurt ]
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What Does It Mean When Your Kidneys Hurt And You Cant Breathe??
I had that and i had a kidney infectioin. You need to go to the doctor.
What does passing a kidney stone mean and does it hurt??
Kidney stone pain (renal colic) is extremely painful. The pain stops as soon as the stone is passed. It hurts worse than having a baby and you don't have anything to show for it.
What does it mean if your right kidney hurts alot?
You probably need to see a doctor. Could be stones or an infection. Neither is a good thing!

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If your a girl and your kidneys hurt what does that mean?
A: Are you drinking too many sodas? Not enough water? If so that could be a reason.
What does it mean when your Kidney starts to hurt or you just start to feel pain in that area?
Q: Everytime I'm at school, the pain comes then goes. But when I start to eat the pain goes away. This has been happening for 3 days straight.
A: Any kind of kidney pain is a bad sign. As mentioned above me, if the pain is severe and it moves then its a stone. If it stays in that area and you have signs of an infection such as fever, burning during urination, frequency etc. You need to go to the ER immediatly. This is very serious and potentially fatal if left untreated. Good luck!
does it mean my uti went to my kidneys when i have a fever and my neck hurts?
Q: i always get uti after sex but they dont hurt so i didnt go to the doctor this time it hurts and i have a fever for few days . my back hurts and my neck hurt does that mean my uti went to my kidneys ?
A: When an UTI went to my kidneys I had a severely high temperature and pain in my back where your kidneys are located. I can't remember if my neck hurt. I had to go to the ER and be put on an IV and IV antibiotics. Even if it is not a kidney infection and only a bladder infection/UTI then you still need to get it treated by the doctor. Are you doing anything to prevent from getting the UTI's like washing and having your partner wash his/her genitalia & hands? If no then I highly suggest you both do this so you don't get infections. Also avoid thong under ware or a thong with a wider back strap. Wash your under ware separate from your other clothes and put in a capful of mouthwash in the wash. It will disinfect the bacteria left by feces/poo. This was mentioned on the Dr. OZ Show a couple of days ago. Of course always wipe from front to back. Hope you get better.

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