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What does it mean if your bleeding but not on your period

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Menorrhagia which is excessive or prolonged vaginal bleeding that occurs, and often can occur at other irregular intervals. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-your-bleeding-but-not-on-your-period ]
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What does it mean when you bleeding but your period not on??
It means you should go see your GP
What does it mean if I'm bleeding but i'm not on my period??
"Women report that the menses may start a few days early or may be delayed a few days. The amount of menstrual flow may be either lighter or heavier than usual. A pregnancy test should be done if no period occurs within three weeks of ...
When you say a real period, do you mean although I will bleed I w...?
When you take the pill, you are not supposed to be ovulating (although it sometimes happens which is ...

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What does it mean if you're still bleeding one week after you're off your period? Is it a sign of pregnancy?
Q: My girlfriend had just gotten off of her period about a week to a week and a half ago. She says she is still bleeding. Does that mean shes still on her period? Or is it a sign of pregnancy? It is light and dark. Is so, is this always a sign of pregnancy?
A: it is possible. just because a woman has her period doesn't mean she is not pregnant.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SOME people when they are pregnant do have their periods as if it is normal and still have healthy babies.
What does 1 day bleeding mean when you're supposed to have your period the week later?
Q: I'm on the pill and I still have 2 more days on the pill left before i get my period in about 6 days. Weird enough, i thought i had my period a week earlier than usual but it just lasted for 1 day. What does that mean?
A: Occasionally you will just get some break through bleeding even on the pill. It is nothing to worry about.
Can you have your period without bleeding or does it mean something else?
Q: My friend and I have both been feeling like we were on our periods but no blood. Could it mean that we are pregnant, even though i havent had sex in almost three months, or can you period happen without the blood?
A: It could be premenstrual cramping. This happens to me sometimes you could also miss a period and just go through the stages with out blood. If this happens again you should see a dr.

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