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What does it mean if you hear voices in your head

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Hearing voices in your head is called "Auditory hallucinations." It's a condition that affects 70% of patients with schizophrenia. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-you-hear-voices-in-your-head ]
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What does it mean if you hear a voice in your head?
you have a rare disease called sythrowpenisthrowistis witch means that you may suffer from warts later on in life
Do you hear voices in your head?
Everyone hears voices in their head. Most people have what is termed an "internal dialogue". This is when you hear yourself talking to yourself in your head--there is nothing abnormal about this. Hearing voices other than your own...
What does it mean when you hear a voice in your head when you dre...?
Sometimes the friend you never thought of in that way could be the one. Thats how it went down with my best highschool friend. But it may be that he is thinking about you to. These kind of energies can be very strong and to very few people ...

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what does it mean if you hear voices in your head?
Q: well i mean like...say if i say sumin in my head then someone quickly repeats it in my head but in an angry voice and everything around me is like in slow motion and im in fast motion lol..its reli weird but im not mental i dnt fink lol i dnt take drugs!!!!
A: If you don't have a mental problem, then maybe it's drugs.
What does hearing voices in your head mean?
Q: What's the medical diagnosis for that, i'm just curious.
A: Not enough information is given to diagnose that...If the voices are menacing and bothersome, very negative, paranoid, and uncontrollable I would guess schizophrenia....but there are other reasons that are debatable. It is dangerous to try to diagnose someone especially yourself without a lot of education and even some training behind it.MaggieMay
what does it mean when you hear voices in your head that tell u to do stuff and they all sound diffrent?
Q: they al tell me to kill pepole and to kill ether him or her or they tell me to do something crazy like i m going to die when i`m in a fist fight or even when i non it says i m going to die,and the voices are not my own.and the voices are not my own.
A: A psychologist told me --Hearing voices INSIDE your head is indicative of multiple personality disorder (for which there is a CURE)Hearing voices OUTSIDE your head is indicative of other mental health disorders (for which there is treatment, but no cure)---In Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) also known as (DID) Dissociative Identity Disorder The reason the voices sound different and distinct, and their opinion or age may be different from the others, is that each of the personalities has its own age and identity and opinion.Each one was formed at a separate time, under separate circumstances for the purpose of "protecting you the core person from trauma that was experienced"--there is hope. They can learn to get along together, and they (with therapy) can learn to join together into the "core person" You may have holes in your memory, or "missing time". Those missing times are held in the memory of an alter personalityP.S.When the voices are telling you to do violent things, or that you will be the victim of violence or evil,You really need to be seeing an EXPERIENCED IN MPDPsychologist for therapy and Psychiatrist for medication. Don't be afraid of the medication. It will help to settle them down so you can deal with your life better and to be safe.If you do not know where to call, if it is urgent and going on right now and they want to kill you-- Call your hospital ER or Psych Ward.If it is less urgent, call your local MENTAL HEALTH clinicEither one of these can direct you to gifted and understanding Mental health professionals who can help you.Your SAFETY is of utmost and urgent importance.(((((((( The voices are telling you to kill??? Call 911 or go NOW to the ER ))))))))

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