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What does it mean if you have yellow pee

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Dark yellow urine may indicate you are dehydrated or a bladder infection. See a Doctor for a proper diagnosis. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-you-have-yellow-pee ]
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What does it mean when your pee is neon yellow??
Most likely from vitamins or some other type of pill. The combination of the dyes and concentration of the minerals will be excreted in your urine about an hour or so after you take it.
Does neon yellow pee mean you could be pregnant?
No, unprotected sex, a positive pregnancy test and a confirmation ultrasound means your pregnant. Neon yellow pee just means you need to take in more fluids.
What does it mean if ur dogs pee is really yellow??
The most immediate answer is that they aren't getting enough water to drink. It can also be that their diet has too many impurities and salts in it. If there are no other signs of disease or pain, I'd make sure they had lots of fresh water....

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What does it mean when dog's pee is yellow?
Q: What does it mean when dog's pee is yellow?Thanks guys. I did use Iam's before and it doesn't contain as much vitamins as my new food (canidae) I did just remember as I switched food her pee stain was x2 yellow as Iams is that a good thing she's getting vitamin & minerals? thanks for the answers btw
A: It's supposed to be yellow. Isn't yours yellow too? If you or the dog are taking b vitamins, it will be more yellow. The more fluids consumed, the lighter the yellow color.Be sure your dog is getting plenty of fresh water and that he is drinking it.Yes, it's a good thing you switched food. Much better food for your dog. Good for you for caring enough to buy your dog food that is good for him.
does bright yellow pee mean i have thc in my system?
Q: I am 5' 10 and 160lbs.ok so a little over a week ago i smoked some weed with my buddies but then i got a call about a drug test i have to take for my job so i took some azos which i know help because i have used them before to help me pass a drug test. so over the past week i have drank water alot and have taken a total of around 6 azos. today i took the drug test at this doctors office and my pee was a bright yellow and i was wondering if that means im clean or what? and do you guys think i will pass this test? i am very skinny so i dnt have alot of fat for the thc to stick to and before when i smoked it had been atlest 2 weeks since ive smoked. plz help!!!
A: No yellow pee just means your dehydrated or you have a lot the vitamin B12. BTW it only takes a month if you smoke all the time don't listen to Danielle. She doesn't know what she's talking about.
does having dark yellow pee mean you're dehydrated?
A: Usually means dehydration, but it could also mean you're in renal failure. Your eyes aren't looking yellow are they? That's another sign of renal failure.The person who mentioned drinking too much alcohol would be partially correct as well, only in that alcohol dehydrates you, which is why they say to drink one drink then one glass of water when drinking so that you do not dehydrate.

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