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What does it mean if you have a bump inside your ear

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There are many, many things it could be the most common being a benign skin cyst (sebaceous cyst), a pimple or ingrown hair. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-you-have-a-bump-inside-your-ear ]
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What does the bump inside my ear means?
you might have blown your ear out

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what does the bump inside my ear means?
Q: the bump is not inside my ear but inside the hole of the piercing and it is located a little to the right of it. u can't see it but when you touch it you can feel it. it kinda hurt. what does it mean? i am so scared.
A: you might have blown your ear out
My bunny rabbit has little dry bumps inside its ear....?
Q: i dont know what to do...i mean..it drinks tons of water..and it lives inside under the air conditioner..can some one tell me what to do? it also has dry spots on its nose and eyes... :( i love my bunny..please help
A: im sorry your bunny is sick. but you should take it to the vet. the only little bumps it should have is it nipples (male and females have them on their underside) Mites could have gotten into its ears and bit it. "Check your rabbit all over, his legs, neck, back, belly, head and face. Female and male rabbits will have nipples on their stomach but there should be no other bumps. If you find any other lumps, it is wise to have your vet check them out. As with humans, the earlier you find and treat a problem the easier it is to cure." You should also try cleaning its ears with a q-tip and some peroxide. I hope the little hopper feels better soon.
My dog has a scab in his ear, now bleeding..Your opinion?
Q: I have 2 dogs, a doxin and a scottish terrier. Over a month ago I noticed that my scottie had small scabs on his head, upon examining them I noticed that there usually was another little bump nearby which led me to think that my doxin was biting too hard. Which is strange because my doxing truely has a VERY weak bite. None the less I assume its possible. Shortly after I found the bumps on the head, I noticed a mark in his ear, with a thin scab over it. I assumed that it would heal over time but it never really did, and neither did the scabs on his head. Today he was scratching his hear, and I realized he wasnt really stopping, so I pulled him up on the bed and saw that he had sctratched so hard that he made the scab inside bleed. By no means was he bleeding heavily, but he had scratched long enough that the inside of his ear was matted with blood. I rubbed the area to see what his rection would be and he did not like me near the wound. I called the animal hospital since it is saturday (of course) and I was told that I could get some really cold water and cotton ball and apply pressure to the area to stop the bleeding, and then bring him to his vet on monday. Right now the little guy is sleeping, I will def bring him in on monday. I was wondering what your thoughts are on the water and cottonball...I expected her to say go buy an ear solution or something like that. Thoughts...??
A: I have 2 dogs too and because they play alot they sometimes bite too hard. Best thing to do is when you find a bitemark or scratch that's bleeding or infected is use the ear solution to clean it. Banfield has this small bottle of blue ear solution that's about 11 dollars. I think you should try and pick up.

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