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What does it mean if there is a constant ringing in your ears

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That's called Tinnitus. It can mean a number of things. It could mean you have too much fluid built up, or diseased mitochondria. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-there-is-a-constant-ringing-in-your-ears ]
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What causes constant ringing in the ears?
the way i feel is that it is all in your head i thiught i had that butt win i dont think about it i dont hear it
How to Cure Tinnitus Naturally - 3 Tips For Tinnitus Treatment Th...?
Are you looking for a solution for ringing ears problem? You are not the only one searching for information on how to cure tinnitus. This problem is faced by thousands of people all over the world. This is indeed an irritating problem that...
Can tinnitus (constant ringing in ears) come out of nowhere??
I would say it's unlikely that the mouse plug has caused it, but I guess it's possible. Tinnitus is not a condition by itself, it's actually a symptom of something else (don't worry, whatever caused it is unlikely to be serious). There is...

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What does it mean when I have constant ringing in my ears ?
A: This in tinnitus. Please see your doctor--he can attempt to figure out what is causing it, & hopefully help you... If the cause can't be dealt with, you will have to live with it, as there is no cure..
What does it mean when you can breath in and out of your ear?
Q: About two days ago I was wrestling and was hit, generally, in the top left corner of my face also hitting my left ear. I immediately heard a crunch/pop in my ear and my hearing went into a constant staticy ringing. For a while it felt like they were bleeding, but they werent. At first it was severe and I couldnt hear out of it at all but after a couple hours it slowly came back. I still dont have my hearing completely back, theres still a constant fuzz and now I can breathe in and out of it as if i have another hole in my body. It breathes in cold and out hot. I really dont want to go to a doctor, so, does anyone know what this means?
A: It means that you should learn to play the flute or trumpet or something out of your ear.That could be seriously impressive.
Does Alpha-fetoprotiens always mean cancer/tumor?
Q: My mom went to the Dr. two days ago after she completed a CT scan, ultrasound on her abdomin and blood work. everything came back normal except for blood work which showed her enzime levels were elevated and her Alpha-fetoprotiens where slightly elevated too. The reason we went to the Dr. was becuase she is having some spells where she feels "odd" and for a moment cant remember where she is and Memory loss. She is also having hearing problems (which tone is normal but she hears a loud constant ringing) which is driving her crazy. She is also dizzy and vomiting some times but she had gastric by-pass surgery two years ago so we thought it was that as it has been since the surgery. These symptoms with ringing in ears and "odd" feeling have been for about the last 2 months. She is also under a sevear amount of stress. I just want to know if we should expect a prognosis of cancer or if there are more possiblities. she is scheduled to go for a biopsy soon.
A: No, this does not ALWAYS mean a cancer or a tumor because it may also indicate other diseases such a Acute Hepatitis or COlitis (possible if she had had a gastric bypass). Have your doctor explained why she has an elevated enzyme?

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