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What does it mean if my eye sockets hurt

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You might feel a cool stabbing pain around the eye socket due to a migraine. Please see doctor if persists. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-my-eye-sockets-hurt ]
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What does it mean when your eye sockets hurt?
i suggests a visit to an eye doctor, when tendons become weak, which can happan as early as the early 30', they can perscribed daily excersices to strenght the muscles, also eye drops, such a saline can help to produle natural tears that we...
Why do my eye sockets hurt?
I've noticed when mine hurt like that I've been gaming,computer ,or tv too much or not getting enough sleep.

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If your eyes start hurting everytime you roll them, does that mean they're swelling?
Q: Everytime I roll my eyes or look in another direction, like move them, no matter which way I move them, there is some pain inside my eye sockets. I don't know if it's the eye sockets, but does this mean my eyes are swelling? I didn't really do anything, and if I did do something, what am I doing wrong? I don't even know what I did to cause this! I'm taking some kids medicine with ibuprofen in it. Will this help my eyes from hurting? And once again, does this mean my eyes are swelling?
A: I get that when I'm going to be sick with a cold or flu......maybe you need glasses.
Does your big head hurt your eyeballs sometimes? Humans have big brains and big heads but still small eyeballs?
Q: which means the eye sockets feel stretched and out of proportion. Do your eyeballs hurt sometimes due to your large skull stretching your eyeballs apart from each other?
A: What's it with you and skulls stretching?
Why does the right corner of my eye feel bruised?
Q: Since this morning, i woke up and noticed my eye feeling a bit weird. It seemed as in the eye socket and under my eye seemed to feel bruised. It bothered me the whole day, but right now, it's getting REALLY annoying.When i say corner of my eye, I mean like the end.It hurts when i blink,and wen i rubb it in certain spots.I don't think its a cyst because i don't feel any bumps or see any when i left my lashes, to check.It is red though, according to my normal eye.& I dont know if it's because i keep pulling on it, but there's a little gap between the eye and the eye skin or whatever it's called.Can anyone tell me what it is?I'm hoping that if i sleep tonight, i'd go away.I tried putting eyedrops and the eyedrop quickly rolled off the corner of my eye because of the gap, it couldnt hold in a tear :(Help me anyone ?Its on the title LOL. right.
A: You never specified if it was the right eye or the left eye....Edit: No you said Right corner..... not right corner of right eye, or right corner of left eye!! And then you clarified with the "end" which could mean the right end or the left end!!

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