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What does having low blood pressure mean

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Low blood pressure means that you do not have enough oxygen in your blood and can cause serious health issues. You should see a Dr [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-having-low-blood-pressure-mean ]
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What causes low blood pressure for women?
Hypotension. Low blood pressure, or hypotension, occurs when blood pressure during and after each heart beat is much lower than usual. This means the heart, brain, and other parts of the body do not get enough blood. Dizziness or lightheade...

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what does low blood pressure mean in pregnancy?
Q: hey i am 35 weeks pregnant and i have low blood pressure 116/40 but i don't feel dizzy or any thing, am worried will it hurt me or the baby?
A: First of all your blood pressure isn't low. It's normal! Your diastolic is a little low but taking your reading overall, it isn't anything to worry about. A low or high diastolic combined with a high systolic would be of concern. Very low blood pressure in pregnancy (generally below 90/60) would be a cause for concern because it can be indicative of other problems in pregnancy such as anaemia, dehydration and even low blood sugar levels which can happen in pregnancy. But for future reference, many women do suffer from low blood pressure in pregnancy. This isn't uncommon. It happens due to to the hormones produced during pregnancy which cause the blood vessels to dilate and due to basic expansion of the circulatory system. Also as your uterus enlarges, it puts pressure on the large blood vessels which can cause hypotension. Also, blood can pool in the legs and this restricts the flow of blood to the brain. As I mentioned, anaemia and hypoglycemia can cause low blood pressure during pregnancy too. If your blood pressure does become too low it's important that your Dr does blood work to check your sugar levels and iron status. As it stands at the moment, your BP is fine.EDITYou see Nair, this is why your answers are a problem. I know we don't have any control over who the poster listens too, and ideally she should be discussing this with her Dr but your answer has likely caused unnecessary worry for no reason. Please disregard his answer.And ignore the othe poster too, do not eat excess salt!
Does low blood pressure mean I am pregnant with twins?
Q: A doctor said he could find no other medical reason for my low blood pressure other than i was having twins.. but done no ultra sound.
A: Low bp is not a sign of twin pregnancy. If anything, a multiple pregnancy increases your risk of developing high blood pressure.
low blood pressure of 60 over 40, what does it mean?
Q: I have always had a low blood pressure, never above 90/60 and usually around 60 over 40. I've had so many tests done for diabetes/iron defiency/thyroid etc. but I'm perfect on paper. I recently got diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse and that explains a lot of weird symptoms I've had all my life, but would that explain the low blood pressure and what does having a low blood pressure mean?yes I saw a cardiologist who gave me a echocardiogram to diagnose the MVPactually no, have not had a test to rule out addisons, whatever that is. I have not been "misdiagnosed" as I watched the cardiologist show me during an ultrasound type technique on my heart and explain where the bad valve is letting blood back in my heart, causing the heart murmur. My question wasn't even about MVP anyway, I was asking what having a low blood pressure actually means, and the first answerer gave me a link which helped.
A: Yes, MVP could explain your low blood pressure. There are lots of causes of hypotension. Have you seen a cardiologist, or just general practioners?Anyway, here's a great website from Mayo Clinic regarding low blood pressure.

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