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What does cloudy pee mean

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The most common cause of cloudy urine is harmless. Phosphate crystals can build up in your urine and make your urine cloudy. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-cloudy-pee-mean ]
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What does having cloudy pee mean?
Your 1.Ovulationg, 2. Infection, 3. Dehydrated. It could be any of those things
What could it mean if your pee has been cloudy for the past week??
You may have eaten something that turns it cloudy, you may have not been drinking enough or you may have an infection. If it has been itchy, there is pain above the pelvis when you pee, you have to pee often, the pee smells different, there...
Does it mean anything if your 5 months pregnant and your pee is c...?
Probably just that you need to drink more water. But make sure you are on the look-out for any other symptoms. UTI's are painful and even more so when you are pregnant!

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What does having cloudy pee mean?
Q: ive been having cloudy pee for a few days. but it doesnt hurt or anything. i was just wondering what it meant and how to make it uncloudy..
A: Your 1.Ovulationg, 2. Infection, 3. Dehydrated. It could be any of those things
What does it mean if your pee is cloudy?
Q: I don't have an infection or a UTI.... what else could be the cause... I do drink a fair amount of water too... could it be something I'm eating?Also I have cut down on my alcohol consumption quite a bit, is it possible I'm flushing out that as well... I used to drink A LOT!
A: with the increase of water intake, your kidneys are probably do a good flush, like a detox, so you're seeing the impurties of that detox, clean out./jerome
What does it mean when my pee is cloudy???
Q: this doesnt happen to me often but I know I have seen it before... it ussually happens when I am not feeling well... does it jsut mean that I am sick?o btw I have a cold... a really bad chest/head cold and I havnt been drinking many fluidsit doesnt hurt either, and I am suppose to get my period this week
A: You may be, and probably are completely healthy. Many things can cause cloudy urine, but a common and benign cause is a neutral or alkaline pH. A pH of greater than 7.0 can cause some of the dissolved salts normally found in urine to form visible particles. Next time you see cloudy urine, pour some vinegar in the bowl and if the cloudiness clears, it's pH. Drink lots of water and cranberry juice to acidize your urine.

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