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What does blood in sperm mean

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There is always a chance that this is a serious problem but in most cases this is the equivalent a nose bleed. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-blood-in-sperm-mean ]
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What Does It Mean When You Have Blood In Your Sperm??
Oh. No good. Not good at all! Get it checked immediately.
Does Blood in Your Sperm Mean Problems For Male Fertility??
BLOODY SEMEN - WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? Blood in the semen, which is technically known as hematospermia shows up as anything from wispy pinkish red strands in the seminal fluid to brown or rusty colored semen. The brighter the color of the ...
What does it mean if a guy bleeds blood in his sperm ??
It would make a difference if it is in the semen or in the urine, seeing they both exit the same route. Blood in urine can indicate a urinary tract infection or a STD, in semen? Could be some abnormality with the prostate, an infection o...

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What does it mean if a guy bleeds blood in his sperm ?
Q: My guy friend wants to know. He will see a doctor but wants to know if anyone knows or has an idea of what it is. It happened to him today.He wears tight pants so I told him that might be the problem.It happened to him last year so this is the second time today.Does anyone know or have an idea ?
A: Unless there is pain he should be all right, having sex he just broke a blood vessel, may be from thrusting to hard or fast.
what does it men when you orgasm and blood is mixed with sperm?
Q: when i got done having sex, i noticed that some blood was mixed with sperm, i used a condom so it was all in the condom. but what does that mean? is this bad? answers greatly appreciatedand, i havnt been with many girls, i been with the same one for 6 months now.
A: see a doctor.
If you have sex and when you finished you noticed blood in your sperm. what does that mean?
A: the medical term for that is haematospermia (blood in semen), and as far as i can remember, that is caused by an inflammation in your testicles, or prostate gland, or urethra. I'd rather you seek medical advice, and search for 'haematospermia / hematospermia' in the internet, for additional information.

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