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What does asthma feel like

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Asthma is a respiratory disorder characterized by wheezing. When you have an asthma attack, it feels like you lose your breath. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-asthma-feel-like ]
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Imagine trying to breathe through a paper straw in your mouth while your nose is pinched closed! That's how millions with asthma describe breathing when they have symptoms of an asthma attack. Now think about living daily, breathing through...
It feels like someone put a bag over your head and is just letting you breath through a small hole. No matter how hard you try you cannot get enough air. Your lungs might feel like they're burning but not always. Your chest will feel tight ...
It is difficult to breathe and there is shortness of breath. Wheezing when breathing out. Coughing, especially at night and with a little mucus.

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What does exercise induced asthma feel like?
Q: Also, how long do the effects last?
A: your chest will hurt, you start to wheeze, sometimes if not treated it can lead to a severe attack and you can die...
What does an asthma attack feel like and what does it feel like before the attack?
Q: And when you get a cold or sinus infection does the asthma get worse?
A: Right before you have an asthma attack it feels like you're hyperventilating and you can feel your chest start to tighten up... and when you breath it feels like you can't get enough air into your lungs... and when you start having the attack you have a really hard time breathing... it's just like trying to breath through a straw... and... for me, my asthma only acts up when I get a cold... never a sinus infection... I hope this helps!!!
What does a person feel during an asthma attack?
Q: I have had some research about asthma and its symptoms. But what makes me realize is that what do people feel during an asthma attack. Can anyone with asthma describe that for me please?
A: You chest tightens and it is real hard to breathe, It's scary when you can't breathe and there's a lot of panic.

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