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What does a staph infection do to your body

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Staphylococcus is group of bacteria, known as Staph, that can cause a multitude of diseases as a result of infection MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-a-staph-infection-do-to-your-body ]
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Can staph infection cover the whole body?
Go to the follow up or sooner if you're not getting better and get tested for bacterial infections not stds. Staph isn't usually spread through sex, it's bad bacteria that can enter through dry flaky skin or small cuts in the skin. Staph is...
does your body naturally carry staph bacteria: yes, in your nose, and around your mouth. do you naturally have the staph infection: no, you acquire the infection if the bacteria gets into an open wound.
How to Prevent Staph Infections with Super Body Care?
Super Body Care Soap & Wipes owner Cheri Heberling explains to ADHDtv how her soap can prevent your basic jock itch, infections, and even bacteria sicknesses with her hardcore but great smelling Super Soap. Developed for athletes and al...

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How does a Staph infection attack and spread through the body?
A: It enters through a wound/cut on your body, travels through the blood system, and creates an infection. I had one type after having a hysterectomy; I was in Intensive care for over a week. I 'caught' it from the hospital by way of instruments, or whatever. My stepson had the flesh eating type, which started with a bump on his hand, within hours traveled up his arm. He had to have 6 operations to have the infection cut out each day as it literally ate his arm. He had to have one finger amputated, and still has horrible scars on his arm. The England hospitals are having a bad time with infections due to unclean standards in the hospital. While living in Europe, it was a daily news report on BBC; hopefully, they are doing better with cleanliness.
Have you ever had a staph infection? Not on the skin, I mean through out your body?
Q: My son was diagnosed w/staph and I as well as others in our home are awaiting results. We have same symptoms are so very ill. From heart pains, strange neurological pains thru out, weak, joint and muscle aches, dark sunken in eyes, now peeling hands and small cuts appearing on palms! HELP!!!Has anyone ever encountered this? We are now on CIPRO though still sick. Hope this will get rid of it! Any serious comments much appriciated.THE DR. WE ARE SEEING DOES NOT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND WHAT WE ARE GOING THRU. HAVE WENT TO TWO OTHER DRS PAST WEEK -THEY DO NOT WANT TO SEE US WAS ACTUALLY TOLD THAT AFTER 45 MIN. OF WAITING! SINCE THE OTHER DR. HAS BEEN TREATING. I AM NOT MUCH BETTER NOR IS MY SON. OTHER TWO KIDS ARE ILL AS WELL - DIAGNOSED W/ EAR INFECTION AND PHARENGITIS NOW- AWAITING MORE RESULTS. I WISH THERE WERE DESCENT DRS WHO WOULD LISTEN TO THEIR PATIENTS. I GUESS THAT IS WHAT I GET MOVING TO KY!
A: A staph infection throughout the body means that there is sepsis (bacterial infection) entered through the skin, as in through a dirty needle (although that is not the only cause). Somehow the staph infection had to get into the body through the skin, perhaps through a cut already there.
are there other ways to get a Staph infection, then just having a wound? can it stay in your body any way?
Q: Class project: (I need to diagnose this man). he has a lump the size of a softball, when cut open only had WBS. blood culture reveled manny pmns and moderate GPC. he's also a diabetic and has reflex sympathetic dystrophy.
A: Staph live constantly on most people's skin. You can also be colonized with it in your nasopharynx. Any break in the skin barrier can lead to an infection. Remember that diabetics have poor wound healing and also can be considered mildly immunocompromized if their blood sugar is not under good control. He may have had a break in the skin and it may have become an abscess. Has the area been ultrasounded to make sure it is not a hematoma or vascular in nature. Was there a history of trauma or other injury. When did the mass appear and how is it evolving. These will help you make your diagnosis.

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