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What does a corn look like on your foot

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Corns appear cone-shaped, corns point into the skin, and usually occur on areas that bear little weight. Click below for a pic. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-a-corn-look-like-on-your-foot ]
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What does a foot corn and foot callus look like?
Corns appear as a horny thickening of the skin on the toes. This thickening appears as a cone shaped mass pointing down into the skin. Hard corns are usually located on the outer surface of the little toe or on the upper surface of the othe...
How foot corn looks?
Corn could be extremely painful and in some cases it does not give any pain. It looks like a hardened mass that looks yellowish. In the cases where it is not painful, there is a danger that it could grow and become painful at a later stage....

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My dog got a splinter on her foot about 5 months ago but it turned a corn.?
Q: My dog got a splinter on her foot about 5 months ago but it turned a corn.I found it today because she got grooming on her foot.;It looks like acne so I tried to squeeze that but it's not working.She doesn't have any pain and walking well.This spot is little bit swollen.What can I do for her?
A: Hmmm pus may have taken in on it. Take her to the vet so that they can properly leak it out and give her antibiotics to lessen the swelling and infection
How do i get rid of foot corn?
Q: I have foot corn on my foot but its on the bottom of my foot. I've had this for about 4 months but after a while it stopped growing. But now i grew the same thing on my thumb they look identical. I need help how do i get rid of these?
A: talk to a pharmacist about it. he or she should be able to offer some suggestions. there are OTC products you can use.
What do corns on your feet look like?
A: Hard callouses that are usually round and white. They hurt when pressure is put on them. Wear thicker socks and shoes that fit properly to avoid corns. There are several products that can be found at the drugstore to remove them. Dr. Scholls products work nice. GOOD LUCK!!!www.tagurit.net

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