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What do you have if your pee has a strong smell

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One of the major signs of a UTI besides pain is cloudy and strong smelling urine. The smell can also be from medications and antibiotics. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-have-if-your-pee-has-a-strong-smell ]
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What does it mean when your pee has a strong smell to .
XXXXXXX, If you have recently consumed asparagus, this could be the cause. It could also be the beginnings of a urinary tract infection, or you are dehydrated and not getting enough fluids, making your urine concentrated. If asparagus and d...
What If Your Pee Is Strong Smell?
It probably means that you should be drinking more water. If you don't drink enough water, your urine will be more concentrated and have a bad smell. If this persists for more than a few days after you've tried drinking more water then you ...
Why does horse pee smell so strong?
be sure you have a salt/min block. do not use the red min block. some horses are sensitive to the red coloring, and that will change the color of the pee. provide lots of fresh water...but add a hint of apple juice to it, to encourage drink...

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can having to much sex cause your pee to smell or have a strong odder to it?
Q: i have been getting horny as hell lately and masturbating and having some fun with my boyfriend too can that cause my pee to smell strong. i drink plenty of water
A: It won't cause your urine to smell. You urine will smell due to any strong food you have eaten recently. However, you might be smelling your vaginal discharges. Especially if you've been very horny lately, you're vagina is probably making more fluids than usual.
Why does my dogs pee smell so strong?
Q: My dogs pee smells really strongly of amonnia for abot the last 3 weeks.doea anyone know why this could be? she also seems to be drinking alot of water. she was ill a few weeks ago but it better now. she is still lively and eating her food but her urine smells so strong. she is 13 and tends to leave a wet patch where she has been lying but i take it that is just due to old age. can any one help?
A: Well, usually, a dog's pee smells worse during humid weather. So, it smells worse during summer than in winter.However, based on ur question, it could be very much due to her old age and her previous illness. Some people have experienced this with older dogs, and it is due to bladder problems due to the age.Older dogs tend to lose bladder control as their muscles weaken. Though this can be quite inconvenient, it is not uncommon...so don't worry.You can use doggy diapers as a solution. A trip to the vet is definitely useful when problems like these start to occur. The vet should check her organ functions. Ask your local vet about Proin pills...some people say that it solves these problems. Check also for hormonal pills.I really pray to God that it's nothing serious. But there are cases where some people claim that a trip to the vet pointed out that the problem was due to arthritis in the spine. I hope I gave you some options to look at with regards to this problem. Hope your dog gets fine soon, and best advice yet...see a vet first.
Is your pee strong smelling if your pregnant?
Q: Burning a little when u pee and very light pink discharge last period June 3.
A: Take a prego test and then an std test

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