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What do you call it when you make yourself throw up

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Intentionally vomiting is referred to as purging and is associated with the disease bulimia, a very common eating disorder. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-call-it-when-you-make-yourself-throw-up ]
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What are you called when you make yourself throw up?
Depending on one's behavior other than purging, self-induced vomiting can be a sign of bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa (purging subtype), or eating disorder not otherwise specified (ed-nos). The DSM V may also include a new eating disorde...

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whats it called when you make yourself throw up?
Q: i know what its called i just dont know how to spell it. i know it starts with a b.
A: bulimia/bulimic
How do you make Yourself throw up?
Q: i KNOW how bad eating disorders are, i really do! And to be honest i don't give a crap! i have no self-esteem, and this is the only way i can make myself feel better! I don't need a lecture of how bad it is or anything... i know! I've done a lot of research! But i've tired sticking my fingers down my throat, but it doesn't work, i only gag. so does anyone know anything to help me?and please don't call me an idiot or anything, i already know!!
A: Look at a picture of Dick Cheney naked.
What is the fear that you might have the urge to throw yourself off a building, out of a window called?
Q: I am not talking about suicidal urges, however the random thoughts that go through your head of causing damage to yourself or perhaps another. Some people also have momentary thoughts of swerving their car into the way of an oncoming truck etc. I think a lot of people have these fleeting thoughts...
A: I have exactly thatit's a form of obsessive compulsive disorder (depending on how debilitating it is)Many people get these sudden thoughts to varying degrees. I get it quite badly sometimes.I also hate standing by a railway track when an express train speeds through the station. Feel drawn to it in a scary way - as if I could just be seconds away from doing something very silly.As you say, it isn't suicidal - it's just the fear of losing control and doing something silly.Quite common

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